RSS should first fly national flag in its branches, offices like Keshav Krupa: Siddaramaiah challenge

Bengaluru: Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah has challenged the RSS to hoist the national flag first in its branches and offices like Keshav Krupa.

He has given a statement to the press about this and said that before telling the people of the country to fly the flag, they must fly it in all their branches and offices like Keshavakripa.
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BJP and RSS, which are going to celebrate the festival of hoisting national flags across the country, have said that only when they uphold the aspirations of real democracy and the constitution, instead of thinking of Hitler as an ideal, the morality of calling people to hoist the national flag will come.

“The tricolor flag represents freedom, democracy and honesty. Nehru’s position was that the flag has been designed as a symbol of the beautiful ideas that have been inherited in this land for thousands of years.

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Those who know the history of BJP and RSS know that this new bride is not honest. Alleging that it is part of BJP-RSS’s evil strategy to spoil everything that is natural and honorable in this holy land and use it only for gimmicks.

Till recently, the RSS had not hoisted the flag over its office in Nagpur. Two youths forcefully entered his office and hoisted the flag and started hoisting the national flag over the RSS headquarters.
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They never have a sacred intention for emblems. He said that he has started the slogan ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ to divert people’s attention from these things while destroying the inspiration of what our flag stood for.

The freedom fighters had passed a resolution in the discussion on making the flag that the flag should be made of cotton and silk produced by our farmers. However, the Modi government is now printing and distributing flags in polyester cloth. He alleged that this is an insult to the sanctity of the flag and the Swadeshi principle.

The media is showing that BJP has distorted the shape of the flag itself. Modi, who sat in front of the charaka and gave a lot of phos, looked at anything that meant it was completely ruined. Now there is no Swadeshi. Everything in the country is becoming Chinese. Serious allegations are being heard that Modi is going to favor China even in the matter of flags. He said that there is already an allegation that the statues of freedom fighters have been prepared on contract to Chinese companies.
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We have no objection to BJP’s ‘house to house flag’ project. But before calling for hoisting of the flag, flags made of cotton and silk should be used under the supervision of the Khadi and Village Industries Department. This will benefit farmers and weavers.

If big businessmen like the Ambanis are allowed to know that flag making is also a profitable business or if flags are imported from China, it will be the height of evil. He expressed outrage that the shape of the flag was distorted and made in polyester cloth as a symbol of evil.

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Before telling the people of the country to fly the flag, the RSS must fly it in every branch, office like Keshavakripa. The organizer has demanded that the articles written in the newspaper should be retracted and an open apology should be sought from the people of the country, which has slandered the tricolor flag as a symbol of bad omen.
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It must be acknowledged that the flag of India was prepared by great patriots like Suraya Tayyabji, Pingali Venkaiah, Gandhiji, Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. through the long struggle of freedom struggle.

Jan Sangh of RSS Parivar, BJP and other organizations have demanded that they should apologize for the inappropriate and harmful views expressed about the Constitution, National Flag and National Anthem.