Rainfall for Siddaramautsavam: It is raining in torrents since morning!

Bangalore: The Siddaramautsava program will start in Davangere in a few hours and it has been raining since morning. Congress workers and Siddaramaiah’s fans are arriving from different districts of the state and traffic jams have also occurred.
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Activists and Siddaramaiah fans are arriving for the program in large numbers. Davangere is arriving at Shyamanur Palace ground in buses and private vehicles. In the morning, there is a traffic jam due to the large number of vehicles coming.

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For the Siddharamotsava program to be held at Davanagere Shamanur Palace Grounds, the work of preparing the stage, pendal, seating and lunch for the activists has been going on day and night for the last two weeks. All Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Siddaramaiah, KPCC President DK Shivakumar, BK Hariprasad will participate in this event. Chairs have been arranged for 5 lakh workers to sit and huge LED screens have been arranged to watch the program in all sub-venues.
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Congress leaders have booked all the hotel lodges for the stay of the leaders coming from all corners of the state, security personnel coming for security work, media personnel. A heavy police presence has already been made in Davangere in view of the gathering of lakhs of people.
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