R Ashok Slams HDK: HDK’s wild statement is wrong, high command decision on who will be CM: R. Ashok

R Ashok Slams HDK: HDK’s wild statement is wrong, high command decision on who will be CM: R.  Ashok
Bengaluru: Former CM HD Kumaraswamy’s wild statement is not right, Revenue Minister R. Ashok said.

Speaking at Vidhansouda on Wednesday, he said that our party is not a family party. But HD Kumaraswamy’s is a family party. We are a national party. Among the 130 crore people in the country, anyone can become CM, anyone can become Prime Minister. But the JD(S) retorted that whatever decision should be taken should be taken at their home.

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Whether you want to become CM or Deputy CM, you are family members. Theirs is this heritage. He said DMK and Lalu Prasad Yadav are also similar family parties.

British policy was divide and rule. Kumaraswamy is acting in the same way. The British ruled by dividing Hindus and Muslims. He alleged that Kumaraswamy is moving on the same path.

Brahmins are being divided by another caste. Congress, BJP and media polls are saying that JDS is limited to 20 seats. But he only says 130. I don’t know which divine survey it is. He was under the illusion that he would be able to take power if the coalition government came. But the survey dispelled that illusion. He said that now he is speechless.

So far no CM has talked about caste. Karnataka Brahmins are good, Maharashtra is bad. He played this word in view of the election vote. BJP should have talent to become CM and PM. Ashok retorted that there is no need for talent in JDS, family politics is enough.

To the question of whether that talent is for Prahlad Joshi, yes, it is. But the high command will decide, he said. If Prahlad Joshi is your consent to be the CM, the MLAs will choose the CM. The superiors will then decide. Even now, Bommai himself said that he will go to the election under his leadership in front of the CM.

The central leadership, the core committee, decides who will be the CM. But not in the family.
Kumaraswamy shot in the air. He said that there is nothing at the base, but they shot in the air.

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On the question whether HDK’s statement caused anxiety in the BJP, the anxiety caused in the JDS. He said that he is not anti-Brahmin and is holding press meetings repeatedly.

If you know who the eight DCMs are, let me know. He said that he will just give a statement. It is not right to give a crazy statement in this way.

Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in the state, did not express any objection to Bommai’s leadership. No one has gone behind JDS. HDK CM has come down from charisma. He lashed out at Kumaraswamy saying that he had seen the behavior of SM Krishna.

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