PSI Scam | Accused in PSI case, RD Patil is a Congress worker: Basavaraj Bommayi accused with reference to his statement to CID

Bengaluru: CM Basavaraja Bommai told the House that the accused in the PSI case, RD Patil, has given a statement to the CID that he is a Congress worker. Referring to the statement given by the accused RD Patil to the CID during the discussion under Rule 69 regarding the PSI scam, he said that while giving the statement to the police, he said that he had worked as an active worker of the Congress party.

I was elected as a member of the Gram Panchayat in 2010. I was the President of the Gram Panchayat till 2015. He is familiar with all the politicians of the district. MLAs MY Patil and Priyank Kharge have also stated that they are close friends. So, who is connected to whom? asked the CM.
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Siddaramaiah challenged him to present the charge sheet in the House. He challenged them to present a George sheet if their statement is written down. When Siddaramaiah said that he did not believe this, the CM said that the charge sheet has been presented to the court.

Siddaramaiah tried to name Divya like that

During the discussion, Siddaramaiah tried to name the accused in the case, Divya Hagargi. Divya Hagargi, the accused in the PSI recruitment scandal, gave his name as Vidya Hagargi by mistake. Congress members pointed out that Siddaramaiah, who repeatedly said that Vidya is like that, is not Vidya like that, but Divya is like that.
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Siddaramaiah, who said his name as Vidya Hagaragi, later realized his mistake and said Divya Hagaragi three times. So is that enough? Did I lose my memory? Are you blind? He asked the CM.

Siddaramaiah, who once again said the date wrongly in relation to the case, said, “Isn’t it forgotten today?” Today I will tell you what I read. He said, “Usually I don’t read and speak.”
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Congress brought davas grains to the house!

Speaking about the scam, Siddaramaiah said that 545 PSI recruitments were held in 2021. At this time, it made a big noise in the entire state and attracted the attention of the people of the state. PSI recruitment was notified on May 22, 2020. 127 seats were to be reserved in Kalyan Karnataka. Another notification was made in January 2020. In this, 107 posts were made for Kalyan Karnataka from 120 posts. PSI candidates are protesting against cancellation of appointment at Freedom Park. The families of the PSI candidates have given me the dhavasa grains grown in their land. I had brought them but they are missing. Someone made it look like it didn’t exist. He said that the intention was to deliver it to the government through you.