PSI Recruitment Scam: PSI Recruitment Scam: Khaki corrupt ED probe!

Manjunath Lagumenahalli
The probe into PSI recruitment has taken another turn as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has officially entered.

E. who is going to find out the source of the money seized by the CID officials in the illegal PSI. D. The Bangalore unit has initiated an investigation under the Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Along with this, candidates who have paid money for the post of PSI, intermediaries who have received money, staff of recruitment department e. D. The investigation has rolled.

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A total of Rs 3.11 crore has been recorded in the preliminary charge sheet filed at the High Grounds station in connection with the case. The CID officials had mentioned about the illegal money transfer citing the confiscation.

E. alerted after this. D. A team of officials has obtained the case information, relevant documents from the CID unit and started investigation. 1.35 crores to Amrit Paul who was the ADGP of recruitment department. Although the payment information is available, the money has not been seized. Paul has not given information about this money either. Sources said that preparations have been made to take custody of the other accused including DySP Shanthakumar, Jagrith, FDA Harsha, Madhu and others who have transacted money.

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E. D. Why investigate?

Some candidates have given specific reasons for the source of the money seized in the case. However, proper documents were not given. Where is the source of money given by the candidates for the post of PSI? It is to be known from which source the candidates have collected money. In addition, information has also been found that middlemen who had received large amount of lakhs from the candidates have used half of the money for themselves. Sources said that the ED will investigate based on these factors as well.

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Corruption Act Rolls Out to DySP Team: Following the investigation by the Enforcement Directorate, 9 police officers/staff, including DySP Shanthakumar of the recruitment department, who have been caught in the PSI illegality, are sure to be booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sources said that the CID officials have submitted a request to the competent authority, the State Home Department, for permission to conduct an investigation under Section 7 (a) (c) 13 (1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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A case has also been decided against another accused IPS officer Amrit Paul, an official said that a request will be submitted to the Union Home Ministry through the government for permission in this regard.

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