PSI Recruitment Illegal V/S Teacher Recruitment Scam: BJP Tongs Congress in House!

Bangalore:In the backdrop of the Congress party raising the issue of PSI exam illegality in the House, the BJP has decided to discuss the teacher recruitment scam during the Siddaramaiah government. The BJP members have demanded that the issue be brought up in the assembly on Tuesday and allowed to be discussed.

At zero hour Kuduchi Rajeev raised the issue. Irregularity has happened in the appointment of teachers. Recruited persons who did not write the exam. How to get recruitment without writing TET exam? It should be clarified who is behind them. He requested the government to make it clear that illegal recruitment should not happen anymore.

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MLA A. S. It will be big if the teacher recruitment scandal is resolved with Patil Nadahalli Saath. He demanded that he should plead through them and become completely his.

Education Minister Nagesh answered this and said that the question raised by Rajiv is serious. It is a disgrace to the society. As we all know, the process should start when the teacher recruitment order is given. 2012-13 recruitment process followed by 2014-15 recruitment process. 1,689 teachers were recruited. Later there was a report of recruiting those who did not write the exam and did not have eligibility. He explained that the matter was investigated by SSLC Board Director.

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Investigation revealed that fake teachers were appointed. In the investigation it is clear that 16 people have been recruited. It has been handed over to CID. The CID is investigating. Many have already been arrested.
According to reports, 35-40 teachers have been arrested. It is only Bangalore. He said that if the statewide inspection is done, how many more people will be caught?

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The deputy leader of each party in the Vidhan Sabha, who intervened at this time, said, “Let Irorella come out behind this, give an opportunity for discussion.” Minister Madhu Swamy responded to this, all the opposition parties are saying that you were sleeping then. Do you tell me that you will do all this while we are ruling? CID is investigating, let it be done, he said.

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