PSI Recruitment Exam: PSI Exam Illegal: Why is Yatnal not investigating the allegation? Question by Dinesh Gundurao

Bangalore: Why CID officials are not investigating BJP MLA Basanagowda Patil Yatnal’s allegations of PSI exam irregularities? Dinesh Gundurao, former president of KPCC, asked.

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In this regard, he tweeted that the son of a former chief minister was directly involved in the PSI recruitment scandal Basanagowda Patil Yatnal accused. The CID is investigating the scam. This is not the first time that Yatnal has been accused. He has made this accusation many times before. Yet why are CID officials not investigating Yatnal’s allegations? Asked that.

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In the last session we had demanded a judicial inquiry into the PSI scam. But Yatnal said that the kingpin of this scam is XCM’s son. He also demanded a CBI investigation. This government did not agree to our insistence. The last party has demanded that Yatnal pay the price even under pressure.

Given Yatnal’s allegation, Amrit Paul, who has been arrested in the PSI scam, feels like a sheep. The real kingpin of this scam is the former chief minister’s son. So the question is who is it?

People should know this fact. If that truth is to be known there should be either a judicial inquiry or a CBI inquiry. PSI recruitment notification was issued during this government period. It was during this period that the scam took place. During this period, BSY became the former Chief Minister. Is Yatnal alleging against BSY’s son? Asked that.

Can Yatnal simply accuse that there cannot be smoke without fire? PSI scam is the biggest stain of this government. He alleged that this government is trying to wash the stain on it by investigating the corruption through CID.

But those who are part of this government are doubting the involvement of influential people in this scam. Dinesh demanded that if this government is honest, it should conduct a transparent investigation at least now.