Profile of Minister Satish Jarakiholi who started campaigning from graveyards during Rahu period.

Profile of Minister Satish Jarakiholi who started campaigning from graveyards during Rahu period.
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Influential Congress leader, former minister Satish Jarakiholi is a prominent leader of Belgaum. Born in a sugarcane growing family in Belgaum district, he and his brothers Ramesh Jarakiholi, Balachandra Jarakiholi, Lakhan Jarakiholi and another brother are also active in politics. He has now joined the Siddaramaiah cabinet as a minister for the 4th time.

Satish Jarakiholi representing Yamakanamaradi Constituency, 60 years old has a long political experience of 32 years.

Born on June 1, 1962 in Gokak, Valmiki community to father Lakshmanrao Jarakiholi and mother Bimavva Jarakiholi, Satish Jarakiholi’s original profession was agriculture and industry. He has studied second PUC and has been in Congress since 2006. Before this, he contested elections independently and through Janata Dal.

Dr. G. Siddaramaiah, who is a minister for the 6th time, has joined the cabinet. Parameshwar portrait
Political access

Satish Jarakiholi was a member of Vidhan Parishad from 1998 to 2008. In 2004, in the Congress-JDS coalition government, N. Dharam Singh was a minister for the first time by joining the cabinet. At this time, he was handling the responsibility as Minister of Textiles.

Later, when Siddaramaiah left the JDS and came to the Congress, Satish Jarakiholi also walked with him and held ‘hands’. In 2008, he got 46,132 votes and was elected as MLA from Yamakanamaradi constituency.

Kerala-based Sarvajnanagar MLA K.J. became a minister for the 5th time after seeing him. George
Later in 2013, he was elected as an MLA again and worked as Minister of Excise and Small Industries in the Siddaramaiah Cabinet. Elected as an MLA for the third time in 2018, he was re-elected by getting 73,512 votes.

Then in 2021, he was appointed as the working president of KPCC. He contested the 2021 by-election from the Belgaum Lok Sabha seat vacated by the death of MP Suresh Angadi and lost for the first time. He lost against Suresh Angadi’s wife Mangala Suresh Angadi by 5,240 votes.

Social programs

Satish Jarakiholi is also known for his anti-foolish rituals. Conducting anti-stupidity day and organizing programs in graveyards are his unique moves. Those identified by submitting nomination papers, starting campaign from graveyards during Rahu period.

He is loyal to the Congress party and said, “I will go for the election on the basis of the party’s ideology, I will not follow the family issue. Whoever stands against me, I will contest,” he said to the media. He had reacted in this way when the news spread that his brother Ramesh Jarakiholi would contest from the BJP in Yamanakardi.

Satish Jarakiholi has won this election from Yamakanamaradi constituency and won against Basavaraj Hundri by 57,211 votes. Thus, he has re-entered the assembly and has taken oath as a minister for the fourth time.

20.36 crores during the election contest. 8.61 crores in the possession of heirs, wife. had announced. In addition, 132.30 crores of Rs. Immovable property and 14.01 immovable property in the name of wife has been submitted in the certificate. Through this, they have a total of Rs 175 crore. He said that he has property. He is also one of the richest ministers in the cabinet.

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