Priyank Kharge: If BJP wears a saffron shawl, all sins will be cleansed: Priyank Kharge

Bangalore: Priyank Kharge has sarcastically said that all sins will be cleansed if BJP wears a saffron shawl. Speaking in Bangalore, he said, BJP is like a washing machine. He lashed out that if he joins the BJP, all the sinners will become saints.

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What trend has the BJP developed? Muscle power is used to counter the impulse of wasteful spending. He alleged that it is clear that BJP is using money and muscle power.

Why can’t CCB police find Silent Sunil? Tejaswi Surya will know where silent Sunila is? CCB can’t get hold of the most wanted people who have a look out notice, is there a match between them and the Home Minister? He questioned.

Can CCB catch those who are with BJP MPs? Has the home minister been informed that the rowdy sheeters are the beneficiaries of the party? The police have kept the Home Minister in the dark. He said that this is an example of how well the Home Minister is working.

Already great professional fighter Raveena has not joined. He shouted that he was going to do politics by keeping the powder for the rowdies.

Talking about the issue of BJP sitting MLAs applying to Congress, the working president said that it is true. We will release the list when the occasion arises. He said that strategies need to be developed for silent.