Prevention of 8,998 child marriages in five years in the state: complaint filed against 1,303 people

Bangalore: In the last five years, 8,998 child marriages have been stopped in the state and complaints have been registered against 1,303 people who had attempted to perform child marriages. Out of these 8 people have been punished. Through this, the Women and Child Welfare Department is making efforts to prevent child marriages.

According to the statistics of the department, besides preventing child marriages and taking action against the accused, 278 children subjected to child marriages have been protected and sent back to school in the last five years.

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The Child Marriage Prohibition Act is already in force to effectively prevent child marriages. Child marriage is a non-bailable and triable offense under this Act.

Any adult person who marries children, any person or organization who arranges, performs and facilitates child marriage shall be guilty of an offense under the Act.

Not only that, the child’s parents, guardians or guardians, but also those who fail to prevent child marriage, are also guilty under the act of participating in child marriage. The offense of child marriage is punishable with rigorous imprisonment for two years or a fine of Rs.1 lakh. Penalty up to

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2020-21In the state of 296 child marriage

Also, 296 child marriages have been reported in the state in 2020-21. In 2019-20, this number was 140. In 2018-19, 119 cases of child marriage were registered in the state. Shockingly, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Karnataka topped the list of Indian states in child marriage with 184 cases registered in 2020.

An interesting fact is that 259 child marriages were prevented in 9 months in Koppal district of the state. Committees have been formed at village, taluk, district and state levels to prevent child marriages. It has been said that the committees in gram panchayats should meet once in two months, the taluk and district level committees once in 3 months and the state level committees once in six months.

Child marriage is high during covid

School closures as a result of the Covid lockdown have led to an increase in child marriages in rural areas. Apart from that, the economic situation is also a significant factor. There are also reports of child marriages taking place during the lockdown period due to lower wedding expenses.

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