Potholes in Shiradi, Charmadi Ghati: MLAs took flight fearing the deteriorated road!

M. Kirti Prasad
Shiradi, Charmadi Ghati connecting Bengaluru-Mangalore is often damaged due to heavy rains, landslides and landslides, making it difficult to travel on this road. But it is a matter of discussion that most of the representatives of the people of the coast leave the Ghati route and board the flight as if it is not useful.

Amidst the threat of potholed road and hill collapse, people are inevitably traveling on Ghati roads with their lives in their hands. Two-three hours extra travel time than normal situation makes the traffic difficult. When the situation is like this, it is the people’s demand that the people’s representatives should put pressure on the government to repair the road and allow smooth traffic. But the majority of people’s representatives who are not facing that road and are traveling in the sky has created frustration and anger among the people.

Since the onset of monsoon in the state, infrastructure has been damaged to a large extent due to the incessant rains in most parts of the state. Especially in Chikkamagaluru, Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu, heavy rains have damaged roads, highways and bridges. Traffic has become a challenge mainly on the Charmadi and Shiradi Ghati roads that connect Bengaluru-Mangalore.
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About 12 km in Shiradi ghat. A long way is completely ruined. Although the road of Charmadi Ghati is in good condition, people travel with their lives in their hands due to the fear of hill collapse during heavy fog and rain. The road from Gundya to Sakleshpur has been damaged in many places. Traffic has become difficult as heavy vehicles have also been allowed to move.

Amidst all these developments, it is common for most of the ministers and representatives of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts to travel between Mangalore and Bangalore by air instead of by road. There is information that BJP leader Srinivasa Shetty is traveling alone from Mangalore to Bangalore in a Volvo bus. Not only during the legislative session but also during the rest of the time, most of the representatives of that part are traveling by flight. There is often small talk in the lobbies of both houses of the Legislature about the comfort of the people’s representatives traveling on the skyway as people struggle to navigate the bad roads.
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Two hours extra travel
The road from Hassan to Mangalore has been badly damaged and the Charmadi ghat has deteriorated, so the travel time between Bangalore and Mangalore has increased by two hours. Those traveling in private vehicles may be able to mitigate the extra travel time to some extent. But those who travel by buses inevitably spend two hours extra time in the vehicle. Since the train travel time and duration between Bangalore and Mangalore is not passenger friendly, people inevitably depend on buses.
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47 kms affected by national damage in Sakleshpur part. It takes one to three quarters of an hour to traverse. JDS MLA H.K. said that the traffic is causing severe problems and should be repaired immediately. Kumaraswamy had recently insisted in the assembly. Due to the continuation of rain, the road repair is a mirage till the end of the rainy season. There is a growing clamor for road repair on priority basis.
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Prime Minister urged to travel
Recently, in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, the roads he travels in Mangalore and the roads connecting them started shining overnight. In the background, there was a pleading demand that the Prime Minister should visit Mangalore via Shiradi Ghati route. This kind of insistence was heard in anticipation of the development of those highways if Modi comes via the Shiradi Ghati route. Even after that, no emphasis has been given to the road repair work of this route.