PM Modi: 15-day health campaign on PM Modi’s birthday: Minister Sudhakar

Bangalore: On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, it has been decided to conduct a special campaign including health check-up and blood donation in the state from September 17 to Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (October 2). To prepare the outline of this campaign, the Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr. K. Sudhakar held a video meeting with the directors of various hospitals and district level health officers.

The campaign will be launched on September 17 at BMCRI (Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute).

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People are not much aware about many health programs of state and central government. There should be more awareness about this. Most of the deaths are due to non-communicable diseases in the state. So the number of people suffering from problems like diabetes, BP needs to be ascertained. This work has to be done continuously for 15 days in the scope of health sub-centres. Asha workers should be informed about this, target should be set and instructed to bring people to the sub-centre. The third dose rate of Covid in the state is only 20%. During this fortnight, measures should be taken to ensure that vaccination takes place on a large scale. He suggested that various associations and organizations including NGOs should be invited and called to participate in this campaign.

Information should be provided about the health programs provided by the government, starting from the new born baby, to the elderly as well. Many people do not know about the treatment and check-up facilities in the primary health centers. Such people should be made aware and asked to get checked. Cancer screening should also be done in the state. At the district level or taluk level inspection should be arranged and people should be made aware to come forward and get inspection done. Also, women and men above 35 years should be brought and checked. Such a program should be held once in five years. Deaths can be avoided if this check is done. He also suggested that children aged 8, 9 and 10 years should have their eyes checked.

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Ask Asha workers at the local level to call people and check their health. Also, the minister informed that arrangements will be made to bring the people by appealing to the NGOs and local people’s representatives.

Aim to distribute 1 crore Ayushman cards

Ayushman Bharat Health Karnataka cards have been issued to 35 lakh people. Another 65 lakh cards should be issued to reach the target of 1 crore. Minister Dr. Karnataka should reach the target of 1 crore first in the country. K. Sudhakar instructed.

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People have a misconception that daily activities are enough for health care. Therefore, yoga, meditation and pranayama should also be emphasized in this campaign. For this, the cooperation of yoga institutes, schools, colleges and associations can be sought. The minister instructed that maternal mortality and infant mortality should also be reduced in this campaign.

Blood donation, Tuberculosis free campaign

Each health center should be given a target to collect blood within this fortnight. Also, the minister Dr. K. Sudhakar suggested.
Health Department Principal Secretary T. K. Anil Kumar said that there are 248 blood bank centers in the state, and steps will be taken to increase the amount of blood collection by informing them. Similarly, awareness will be created about the tuberculosis free campaign, he said.

Notice for Death Audit

A death audit should be conducted on every maternal death in government hospitals. Also, the minister said that every death should be audited in every hospital. K. Sudhakar suggested.


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Screening for non-communicable diseases, especially cardiovascular disease screening in youth and children, diabetes screening, food safety under the Eat Right campaign.

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