PFI banned only trailer, picture Abhi Baaki Hai: City Ravi

Bangalore: BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi said that PFI ban is trailer only, picture Abhi Baaki Hai. Speaking on the background of PFI ban, he said, Congress should welcome the PFI ban. Earlier he demanded an apology for withdrawing the case against the PFI workers.

Addressing a press conference at the BJP office on Wednesday, he said that the PFI had hatched a conspiracy to divide India with the idea of ​​making India a Mughalstan by 2047. He accused PFI and its affiliates of conspiring to poison India. SIMI was banned in India earlier in 2001. SIMI was banned by the Vajpayee government. Later PFI emerged as a new incarnation of SIMI, he said.
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PFI had planned terrorist activities in India. CT Ravi congratulated the central government that the central government has taken a timely decision for the internal security of India. PFI was involved in many murders and disturbances of peace across the country including Karnataka. In Kerala, a lecturer is killed in front of the students. He submitted an affidavit to the court saying that PFI was responsible for the killing of many people by the then Congress government and banned it. It was found out from the investigation that he had conspired to kill Modi in Bihar. He accused them of plotting to kill the patriots.

Investigation has revealed that PFI is behind the killing of 32 Hindu workers in the state. If it was left like this, India would have to face an internal war. They were plotting to raise Muslims against the country by sowing unnecessary fear. He also alleged that he was involved in spreading slander against India at the international level.
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They planned to plant their supporters systematically in the strategic places of the government, within the police, army and judicial system. PFI had the intention of destroying Indianness. Even so, Siddaramaiah’s Ugra Bhagya Yojana, when he was CM, is a tragedy for this country. Case against 175 PFI, KFD workers was withdrawn through Ugrabhagya Yojana. He alleged that more than 32 Hindu activists were killed because of Ugrabhagya Yojana.