PAYCM Poster | Why is the CM so horrified by the Pay CM poster issue: D.K. Shivakumar Question

Bangalore: Why is CM Basavaraja Bommai so shocked about pay CM poster? KPCC President D.K. Shivakumar asked the question.

Speaking in Bengaluru on Thursday, why has he instructed to take action against those who put up this poster? Tomorrow all our MLAs will put up Pay CM poster in government offices. He said, “We will let you know where we will stick it.”

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BJP has also put a QR code on us. When I went to trial, the media had photographed me behind bars. Can I file a complaint against them? He questioned.

It is natural for people to question and criticize those in politics. Those in power should digest this. The media has reported on government corruption. The contractor alleged. In our campaign, more than 8 thousand people said that we are victims of corruption. Therefore, on behalf of the party, we have asked to give the toll number and get registered, he said.

We have accused the government of corruption and the BJP has also accused us of corruption. It is the most corrupt government in the country and has made the state the corruption capital of the country. It is our duty to expose the corruption of this government.

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BJP expressed displeasure that they have made hundreds of such posters against us and no action has been taken against them. Asked if this is abuse of power, he said, ‘It is abuse of power, politics of fear and hatred. Did we charge 40% commission? Did we say that 2500 crore should be given for the post of CM? Your MLA Yatnal himself said. Why has the government that summoned our MLA Priyank Kharge who spoke about the scam not summoned Yatnal, Vishwanath and the swamijis of the Math? Why didn’t they file a case when the contractor’s association made an allegation in front of Vidhana Soudha? This idea is creeping in people’s mouths. You have accused us too. Investigate, we welcome it.’

When asked about the BJP’s statement that the Congress would become a ‘Batabayalu’, he said, ‘Let them do whatever they want. Who said no?’ He said.

When asked whether he would fight in the session, he said, ‘The committee has tabled a resolution to discuss the issue of 40% commission and the leaders of our legislative party will fight there as well.’

When asked about the arrest of Congress workers, he said, ‘7-8 Congress workers have been arrested and I have come to see them and talk to them. We have asked to file a case against us. Let this be the 101st case after 100 cases. Arresting unrelated people, calling them and making them leaders, let them do it,’ he said.

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