Pay-CM stands for ‘Pay Congress Madam’: Nalin Kumar Kateel hits back at Congress leaders

Bangalore: BJP state president and MP Nalin Kumar Kateel quipped that Pay CM means ‘Pay Congress madam’.

Speaking at the BJP state office on Thursday, he released the book ‘Scam Ramaiah’ exposing 100% corruption during Siddaramaiah’s tenure. This is a reference to the payment made to the Congress lady. You saw Shivakumar swallow the ticket. He criticized Cheeti Shivakumar.

Criticizing the Pay CM campaign as an insult to Karnataka, Kateel replied to the question that Siddaramaiah would be arrested as per the court order. The country’s oldest party, the Congress, has been the biggest contributor to corruption in its long history of politics. The Congress party is also responsible for the rampant terrorism in the country. He said that the Congress party which ruled the country for the maximum number of years from 1947 to 2014 contributed to corruption.
Congress party unfit to be in opposition: Nalin Kumar Kateel
Most of the people of Congress are national leaders of Congress, state leaders are involved in scams. The results of the investigation have embarrassed the Congress party. Congress party is trying to avoid people’s way. He said that there were many scandals during the time of Siddaramanna and the then government was ready to cover up the scandals by shaking the power of Lokayukta.

Row after row of scams
Starting from Nehru to Manmohan Singh era, in the Congress rule in this country, except Lal Bahadur Shastri, all the other Prime Ministers of the Congress party were embroiled in corruption and various scandals, he said, from 1948 jeep scam to Bofors, cement scam, Commonwealth scam to 2G scam, maximum scams in sky, water, soil and air. He criticized that the Congress party did it. He said that there were constant scams in the UPA government.
Apart from PM Modi, only Ananth Kumar has amazing memory: Nalin Kumar Kateel
Anwar Manippadi report will bring to light the 2.5 lakh crore scam. There were many scams involving Arkavati, egg, bed, pillow. Congress tried to cover up all this. Drug peddlers and sand mafias were running the Congress government in the state. Explaining that our government has controlled those scams, Kateel said, there will be a complete investigation of the Congress scams and the arrest of the culprits. He objected that the Congress is making false allegations, worried about our achievements and developments.

Siddaramanna is doing politics through officers Kempaiah and contractor Kempanna. But, we have done the job of giving life to Lokayukta. We are going to investigate all the scams of the Congress regime. We are going to register a case and arrest them no matter how big they are. He said that we are going to run a transparent administration. Congress is the party that nurtured extremism. We have coordinated raids through NIA to level terrorists. He congratulated the central government for this. He said that our government had taken action to save Kashmir, and the records of all Siddaramaiah’s scandals have been collected. He replied to the question that now the investigation will continue.

Congress is a legislative party
Congress party is a source of corruption. center Congress should do Jodo before Bharat Jodo. Congress has a curse that has divided castes, states and countries. It is a constitutional party. His party said that DK is a deal master. Here too, a fight is going on between DK and Siddaramanna. He explained that our government has arrested a DIG level officer in the PSI recruitment scam.

No red record has been given on corruption. We had given time to give the document. Till date Congress and its agents have not provided the documents. He answered another question that how can investigation be done without witnesses. He clarified that he is going to file a defamation case through the party.