Pay Cm Poster : BJP is trying unsuccessfully to protect commission corruption by using caste shield: Congress alleges

Bangalore: In the wake of the Pay-CM campaign, the Congress has hit back at the Lingayat CM argument and has accused the BJP of trying unsuccessfully to protect the Commission from corruption by using the caste shield.

Basanagouda Patil Hitnal: If I am not CM, I will send one to jail and one to forest! Yatnal Taparaki to Bommai

The BJP has indirectly given life to the argument that the Congress is accusing Lingayat community Basavaraja Bommai through the Pay-CM campaign. Reacting to the ongoing debate in this background, the Congress has responded by tweeting that Santhosh Patil, who committed suicide, is a Lingayat.

Pay CM campaign, Congress’ dirty politics: Basavaraja Bommai

Santhosh Patil who was harassed and killed for 40% commission is also a Lingayat. Isn’t the BJP government that took the life of a Lingayat anti-Lingayat? asked that. Aren’t transgender contractors among victims of commission harassment? Congress has lashed out that BJP is not only anti-Lingayat but also anti-humanity.

BJP is trying unsuccessfully to protect the corruption of the commission by holding the caste shield. Lingayat swamis themselves had alleged that 30% commission was stolen from the grant of mathas. Isn’t this an insult to Lingayats? asked that. 40% of the government has hit out at “secular corruption” in which Lingayats are also victims.

Must get 35 marks to pass the exam! In the BJP government, the bill must be passed and 40% must be paid! The bus sent by BJP yesterday was lamenting “Dakota engine government, corruption without brakes”! Karnataka should now become a #PayCM free state, sarcastically tweeted.