Pay CM campaign, low-level politics from Congress: Minister B.C. Nagesh is the spark

Bangalore: Education Minister BC Nagesh has expressed outrage that Congress is doing low-level politics by running Pay CM campaign in the city.

Speaking at Vidhansouda, he said that the Congress is doing this out of desperation. Congress has a history of big scams from earth to sky. Now people are not allowed to scam. He alleged that this kind of low-level campaign is being conducted because the treasury is not full due to the scam.

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This is not good from the political point of view of the Congress and the country. We know what Congress has done. He said that when everyone was undressed and stopped, people felt that the mistakes we had made would be forgotten.

Vidhan Parishad member N. Ravikumar said that the Congress is campaigning that CM’s portrait should be taken as CM. Rahul Gandhi is doing Bharat Jodo, let him pay first, he said.

Siddaramaiah wants a car, a watch, let him pay. Ramesh Kumar Nooru said that we have done enough for four generations. Criticism against the CM should be maintained with dignity. Corruption is born from Congress, he said that corruption will not stop for those who are in Congress.

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