Opposition parties disappointed with Rs 3,500 crore grant for Bhadra Upper Bank Project: Basavaraja Bommai hits back

Opposition parties disappointed with Rs 3,500 crore grant for Bhadra Upper Bank Project: Basavaraja Bommai hits back
BENGALURU: The opposition parties are disappointed as the central budget allocated Rs 3,500 crore for the Bhadra Upper Bank Project. CM Basavaraja Bommai retorted that they are criticizing for it.

Speaking at a press conference on the budget issue at Vidhansouda, he said that the opposition parties should welcome the grant of 5300 crores for Bhadra upper bank. It is not right to find fault in it. But he is disappointed that this grant has been given. He accused them of interpreting it in this way.

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The implementation process of Bhadra Upper Bank Project was during the time of former CM Nijalingappa. From 1960 to 2008 there was no specific action. About 40 years were lost in the process. No government ever did. But he said that the BJP government did it.

They are criticizing that the 3,500 crore grant announced in the budget will not be implemented, or will be received next year. But he replied that the budget will be implemented next year.

The announcement of the irrigation project as a national plan should be made in the cabinet after the water resources department, CBC all clear and get permission from the finance department. Earlier during the UPA government there was AIBP scheme.

MB Patil: BJP is in queue to join Congress party: MB Patil Due to some restrictions implemented during the UPA period, Karnataka’s project did not receive funding. There has been a change since the NDA government came. Now grants are coming directly to the projects. He said that this is the first time that a grant of 5300 crores has been received without any condition or contract and the money has come directly.

Bhadra Upland Project has been powered by this grant. Action will be taken to complete the project at the earliest. 13,000 crore has already been spent, he said.

Nothing can be done without DPR permission. Goat hunting project is stuck in DPR. The Forest Department has sought some clarification. He promised to start the work as soon as it is cleared.

It is natural for opposition parties to criticize politically. But Karnataka gets a share in all the projects announced in the budget. He said that if you want to criticize, you should speak realistically. He retorted that Siddaramaiah sent him home after knowing how much his budget was full.

Annual budget

India’s economic condition is better compared to other developed countries of the world. The economic progress of our country is 6.8%. There are countries with food shortages and economically depressed countries. We are seeing development in our three sectors of service, agriculture and manufacturing sector, he said.

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We will see a positive change from the budget in the coming days. Rural development has also been emphasized in the budget. They have given grants for the project of providing houses. They have put 70 thousand crores for the drinking water project. Our GDP is healthy. He expressed confidence that there will be many impacts from this budget.

It is a fundamental change that will give more strength to the economy. Capital investment has increased by 10 lakh crores. It was not so much in the past. In the budget, grants have also been increased for small industries. Tax exemption is given to industries up to 3 crores. He explained that loan guarantee up to 2 lakh crore has been given to small industries. The interest on the loan has been reduced by 1%.

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