No resignation of police officer Rabindranath: Kumaswamy

Bangalore: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has demanded that the resignation of the Director General of Police (DGP) of the Karnataka State Police Training Division (DGP), Dr Ravindranath Nath, be disrupted as it has interfered with his duties.

Ravindranath, an honest Dalit and efficient officer who had been working for a while, had given a fake caste certificate and trapped the whales who were seeking government employment. Former chief ministers said in a press release late last night that they were trying to unravel the horoscopes of those who had betrayed the government and society.

I was targeted! Rabindranath resigns as DGP

Kumaraswamy has strongly criticized the government for acting as a child’s hand, saying that the officer who issued the notice to the retired officer, who was accused of giving dishonesty to the police department, was promulgated by a fake caste letter.

Shivalinga Gowda vs HD Kumaraswamy

The accused retired officer was a Home Department consultant in the Congress government. He was close to the chief minister who ruled the state for five years. What is the internal contract between the BJP and the Congress that Dr. Ravindranath Nath will be transferred upon his notice? The former CM has accused the two national parties of plotting to kill a Dalit official.

HD Kumaraswamy’s Yogeshwar Panchaprama

A serious allegation has been leveled against a retired officer who was a close associate of leaders who helped the BJP to come to power through Operation Lotus. What does the government need to do to protect such a person? Where and from whom is the pressure exerted? They want people to know who is doing their debt.