No new chairman, members appointed for Child Rights Protection Commission: No relief for pending cases!

Bangalore: After the arrival of Covid-19 in the state, many cases of violation of children’s rights have been reported. For the purpose of protection of child rights ‘Karnataka State Protection of Child Rights
The Commission’ was constituted by the State Government in July 2009. This commission is empowered to act like a civil court in case of violation of child rights under Section 14 of Act 2005. The irony is that even though the terms of the chairman and members of the Defense Commission have expired, the new appointments have not yet been made.

218 cases of violation of children’s rights are pending due to the expiration of the term of the chairman and members of the Commission for Protection of Child Rights. In this regard, MLA Tanveer Seth asked an unmarked question about this, to which the Minister of Women and Child Welfare Department, Halappa Achar, replied that the selection process is in progress, inviting applications for the post of chairman and members as per the Karnataka State Child Rights Protection Rules.

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Tanveer Seth questioned whether the government has noticed the violation of children’s rights in the state recently and the fact that 1,200 cases are pending due to the expiry of the term of the chairman and members of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The minister has replied that the term of the previous chairman of the Commission for Protection of Child Rights has ended on 6-12-2021. In his place a member has been appointed as Acting Chairman. He explained that the term of 6 members of the commission also ended on 11-7-2022.

Also, from 2021 to August 2022, a total of 272 cases were registered in the commission, out of which 54 cases were concluded. He replied that 218 cases are pending for settlement.

It is not acceptable that the chairman and members of the children’s commission are not appointed. The role of the Children’s Commission is to consider complaints of violations of children’s rights on a voluntary basis. How the Child Welfare Committee, JJ Board is working at the district level needs to be examined. It is a big mistake not to appoint president and members during this period. In this regard, appointment should be made very urgently,’ insists Basavaraj, who is a pro-child rights activist.

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How the Child Rights Commission should work is very important. If the Commission does not work in a proper manner, the ever-increasing cases of violations cannot be rectified. Prabhakar, the head of the organization, says that the position of the chairman and members in the commission is being appointed politically, in which professionalism is not seen.

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There is also the question of whether the existing commission has the capacity to deal with various types of cases related to child rights violations. The current commission is named Namakavaste. In this regard, the commission needs to be restructured and strengthened. There have been many cases of violation of children’s rights during Covid. He said that the number of pending cases in the commission is 218, but in reality the number is likely to be higher.

How many cases in which district?

Bagalkot – Case 6 of Acknowledgment / Pending Settlement – 6

Belgaum: Received Case 12 / Pending Settlement – ​​10

Bangalore City: Cases received 128 / Pending for disposal – 102

Chitradurga: Acknowledgment Case 7 / Pending Settlement – ​​7

Dakshina Kannada: Receipt Case 5 / Pending Settlement – ​​5

Mysore: Acknowledgment Case 9 / Pending Settlement – ​​9

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