No government post till 2A reservation: Yatnal

Bangalore: BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal said that till the 2A reservation for the Panchamsali community, there was no government post. Talking to activists who are struggling after the meeting on the Panchamsali reservation, he said he was in awe of Aravind Bella to become the next minister. But I did not get any government post till I got 2A reservation.

There was a lot of fighting. There is no impurity in it. No one is fighting for position. Firm determination is never. The ruling party will speak without fear. The High Command is hard. Whatever they put in mind, they can take action. But the High Command is blessed. Nobody can give notice of this.

Punchamasali Reservation: Reconciliation Success at CC Patil’s Home!

CM asked for four and a half months. But we disagree. We have one crore 30 lakh people. We have a population of 30 trillion lies. We already have a company. Murughesh indirectly gave Nirang the impression that we too should not be ridiculed.

August 22 Deadline!

Deadline is August 22 for the reservation for the Panchmasali. On August 23, we will perform a fast at the home of CM Basavaraja Bommai Shiggaon. He warned me that I too would sit down.

Speaking at a press conference later, he said the government had asked for two months’ time. In less than two months, Andre said he would protest again.

Freedom all at once?

We must keep fighting. Have to protest, fight. The struggle has been going on for years. Giving up all at once? He did not give another fight, he said.

Meeting of state hand leaders in Delhi: Outline for the fight against central government

Speaking to Vijayananda Kashappanavar, we reached the final stage in the Panchamasaali reservation fight. CM has promised to take action in the next two months after receiving backward classes report. Our fight has not stopped for over a year. For this, two months should be a little more peaceful. But our struggle does not stop. We congratulate you on getting a 2A reservation. But the government’s promise will be put forward two months later. CM had taken a decision in front of the house. We have no internal agreement. Given the reservation, Andrei will fight back.

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