No big or small, eviction of encroachments without hesitation: Minister R. Ashok

Bangalore: Revenue Minister R. said that encroachments will be cleared without any hesitation regardless of whether they are big or small. Ashok said.

Speaking at Vidhansouda on Tuesday, he said that every government used to play a lot. After the rain stopped, the encroachment would stop. We have prepared our department list. We have given the list to BBMP. He said that they are clearing the encroachments without hesitation.

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No matter how big they are, we will clear the encroachment. 30 IT companies have encroached on Rajakalu. He was talking very much like Sacha, he couldn’t see the difference between the big and the small. He said that revenue department, BBMP, BDA are doing joint operations.

This neighbor taught us a lesson. We will clear the encroachment without compromising on anything. Bagamane Park has not been exempted. The big ones don’t look like the little ones. I will discuss about putting a court caveat. He said that he will discuss with the CM and Advocate General.

Due to the rain last Sunday, there was a large amount of damage in Mahadevpur and Bommanahalli. Due to encroachment of Rajkaluve, water entered the barangays without allowing rain water to flow smoothly. In this background, the government, which has now woken up, has started the operation to clear Rajkaluwe.

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