No additional compensation allowed for flood victims: Minister Govinda Karajola

Bangalore: Relief has already been given to the victims of the water inundation in Bidar district. Can’t give extra now. Water Resources Minister Govinda Karajola said that there is no legal opportunity to provide compensation.

Responding to the question asked by Arvind Kumar during the question time in the Legislative Council that the farmers had been on a sit-in for 80 days and the government was not responding, he said, “We have already given Rs 69 crore as compensation. Still some farmers have not gone to court. Farmers who have not gone to court and who have applied to the government are also allowed to give compensation. However, he did not apply within three months. Now after 25-30 years, he asked whether it would be possible to sit on a sit-in.

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On 25 June 2014, Siddaramaiah became the Chief Minister, while Arvind Kumar’s party was in government. It has been decided in the cabinet that there is no opportunity to give compensation. Their struggle is that it should be given in the UKP model. There is no provision for compensation in the UKP model. We have taken World Bank assistance for the UKP project. There is a condition of the World Bank. There is a condition as to how compensation should be given. After agreeing to that condition, he gave the loan to the government. He said that he cannot compare it with this one.

Farmers cannot be compensated for their sit-in. It has been 30-40 years to start this project. 69 crore as compensation. Can’t pay another rupee. No demand can be considered. The High Court also rejected this. Just go to international court. The minister suggested that while bringing such demands, they should bring it to the upper house with complete knowledge.

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Project implementation on availability of grants

Also, about drinking water in Bellary countryside. M. Responding to the issue raised by Satish, Minister Govinda Karajola asked for a drinking water scheme. Keep in mind that the Department of Water Resources exists to provide irrigation facilities. The project cost is Rs 60 crore. They say that there was, it was approved. However, the project has not been approved, he said.

This scheme was announced in the budget of 2019-2020. The projects have been announced since 2013 till date. Our budget has nothing to do with the work we sanction. Today’s workload is more than 1 lakh 2 thousand crores. We get only 18, 19 thousand crores in the budget. So I said based on availability of grant. He said he will do it tomorrow if he has the money.

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This project is limited to budget speech only. The approval of allocation of grant along with the action plan has not been done till date. I have taken it for clearance in our corporation’s 94th meeting on 4th August. Now we have given board clearance. After this, the grant should be allocated from finance. The next process should be started, then the tender should be called and this work should be taken up. He said that it will happen only after getting the grant, nothing else can be done.

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