New party to challenge BJP: Hindustan Janata Party to come with Hindutva agenda

Bangalore: BJP’s Hindutva has softened. In this regard, Hindutva activists have taken the initiative to bring a new party to the fore with full Hindutva agenda. Yes, some people who were identified in various Hindutva organizations have now started Hindustan Janata Party to challenge the BJP. The party will be inaugurated in Bangalore on Sunday.

There was an attempt to start a party on the basis of Hindutva eight months ago. Our agenda is full Hindutva and establishment of Hindu Rashtra. BJP has lost Hindutva. Hindu activists are not getting proper response from BJP. They say they are starting the Hindustan Janata Party in this background. Party State General Secretary Ram Harish.

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Inaugural event on Sunday

The inaugural program of Hindustan Janata Party will be held in Rajajinagar on Sunday. Later, the swearing-in ceremony of the office-bearers was also held. His aim is to strengthen the party through the agenda of Hindutva, and it seems that he is thinking of fielding candidates in all the fields.

What are the objectives?

*Construction of Hindu Bhavan in all districts of Karnataka.

*100 units of electricity will be provided free of charge (only for BPL card holders)

* Free travel facility for women in metropolitan transport

* Free bus pass for every school and college student

*Connecting all government hospitals as multi-specialty.

* Modernize all government schools and provide world class education

*Given for free. Subsidy of Rs 5 lakh for building houses for street traders 7.

*First priority for local youth and women in every district of Karnataka in government and Kha jobs

* IT./ B.T. in every district centers of Karnataka. Opportunity for companies 10. Free life insurance for rickshaw pullers, garment and unorganized workers

* Conducting corruption free and transparent clean administration. 12. Implementation of one and the same Act in all the schools and colleges of the State,

* B.B.M.P. Implementation of Kaveri scheme for drinking water in suburbs and suburbs

*Mahadai water to be delivered quickly to the people.