Narendra Modi has cleared the goat project earlier: HD Deve Gowda

Ground Floor (BG): Congress is misinterpreting the goat program. Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda said Narendra Modi had cleared the project earlier.

HD Deve Gowda spoke at the JDS Janata Waterfront convention in Nalamangalam.

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Opposition parties are misinforming people that the river will add to the political gains. In the past when I was Prime Minister, there were many projects for farmers. The women’s field was filled with force. It is now being forgotten by many.

Irresistible curse of Karnataka: HD Deve Gowda

I may have knee pain, but Deve Gowda said that he had the courage to face everyone.

I was in the prime minister post for only ten and a half months in the country. However, during that period, the contribution of irrigation and farmers was huge.

This time Kumaraswamy has picked up the idea of ​​water. This is indeed a wonderful concept. Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda appealed to the people to support the JDS in the upcoming elections.

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Is it wrong for Deve Gowda to be born in a farmer’s home?
As a result of their efforts, farmers in Punjab named Paddy the Deva Gowda. Deve Gowda has worked diligently on behalf of the farmers of our state. CM Ibrahim said in his speech that the people of the state should not forget this.

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Ashwamedha Yoga is underway for irrigation in the state. Shivakumar of Congress is fighting for the goat. But we are crossing the tiger, not the goat from the JDS. The Ashwamedha Yaga has begun for the 2023 elections. Our tiger is Kumaraswamy. “We are all shaking hands,” CM Ibrahim said.