Nandini Milk: Knandini’s outrage against Amul, KMF’s merger is up for grabs

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Bengaluru: There has been massive opposition across the state against Gujarat’s Amul’s move to enter the Karnataka market. “This is the first step to merge the Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Mahamandali Niyamata (KMF), which has won the heart of the state for nearly half a century, with Gujarat’s Amul,” many suspect.

Amul’s move to start selling milk and yogurt through a quick commerce platform has angered the people of the state. Most people are of the opinion that Amul, which was selling many products including ice cream in Bangalore, did not want this.

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‘Amul’ ride on ‘Nandini’?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had subtly floated the proposal to merge Nandini with Amul during his visit to Gejjalagere in Mandya district last December. This was strongly opposed by Kannadigas even then. In these three months, there was a shortage of Nandini milk, yogurt and ghee across the state including Silicon City. Even now there is a situation where customers wander for Nandini ghee. A doubt has arisen that artificial scarcity of Nandini products has been created in order to enable the sale of Amul milk and yogurt in the state.

Amul, the dairy giant, had earlier tried to expand milk sales in Karnataka. The then KMF officials blocked Amul’s attempt. Now it has crossed the line of self-control and started attacking the milk market.

Opposition from pro-Kannada organizations

Many pro-Kannada organizations including the Karnataka Defense Forum have warned that they will fight against Amul’s move. Some organizations have also started campaigns against Amul on social media. On the other hand, the Greater Bangalore Hotel Owners Association has called upon the hotels in the city to use Nandini’s milk.

Amul milk and yogurt are being brought to the state to complete the Nandini brand which the Kannadigars have worked hard to cultivate. There is a conspiracy to turn the farmers of the state into beggars. The sale of Amul milk and yogurt should be banned in the state. Otherwise, organizations themselves will be responsible for the disaster that will happen,” said T. A. Narayan Gowda, president of the Karnataka Defense Forum.

It is clear that the central government is behind the conspiracy if we look at the events going on after Union Home Minister Amit Shah talked about merging various milk producing companies of the country including Nandini with Amul. We will not yield to the Gujarati lobby.
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Expensive Amul

Nandini Rs 39- Amul Rs 54.
Amul Gold Milk Rs 64 per litre. And half a liter of yogurt is Rs. 30, normal Amul milk is Rs. 54 per liter. Price fixed. But Nandini milk is only Rs 39 per litre. only

Nandini is the life of the hotel
Brihat Bengaluru Hotels Association has called upon hoteliers to encourage KMF by using our proud Nandini milk produced by the farmers of Karunad.

Recently, we have been hearing about milk from other countries being smuggled to Karnataka. But our Nandini milk has been the backbone of getting clean, delicious coffee and snacks in our city for a long time. Hotel owners are mainly using Nandini products. PC Rao, president of the association, said in a press release that our Nandini milk and products will be used from now on.

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