Namma Clinic: No doctor has come to our clinic: Karey Anna’s doctor for jujubi salary!

R. C. Bhatt
The recruitment process for the much awaited scheme of the state government ‘Namma Clinic’ has started. But it has been heard that the doctor who will be appointed in this clinic has been fixed with jujube salary.

MBBS degree is mandatory for our clinic doctors. The interview process has been started in various districts of the state by inviting applications. But in most places, MBBS graduates are reluctant to perform their duties in our clinic as the salary is very low.

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Discrimination in pay: The government has already given Rs 60,000 to the MBBS doctors who are already working on contract basis in the primary health centers of the state. Paying. 45 thousand rupees for an AYUSH doctor who is performing duty in the absence of MBBS doctors. Salary is being paid. But the low salary fixed for our newly started clinic is causing confusion.

25 thousand rupees in 2014 for contract MBBS doctors in primary health centers. The existing salary was increased to 30 thousand. However, contract doctors across the state went on strike because of low wages. After that, in 2015-16, MBBS doctors received Rs. 45,000. was fixed.

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After that, the salary of the contract doctor was increased to 60 thousand considering the unique service of the doctor during the Covid. The government also revised the salaries of other staff working in primary health centers and other government hospitals. Despite this, there are frequent complaints within the department about wage discrimination.

In such a situation, the fact that candidates have been invited for an interview with a low salary before the start of our clinic has sparked a new debate in the health department. Despite paying 60,000 as a salary, in many places, MBBS graduates are not available for the services of primary health centers. When the situation is like this, the question has arisen that if our clinics are given such a low salary, how can the government’s objective be fulfilled?

‘We do not understand the purpose of the state government to start our clinic. It seems that we have decided to rename the urban primary health centers that our government started earlier as our clinics. In the city, we had earlier started a mobile healthcare service under the concept of health kiosk. If it is used adequately, the same facility will be sufficient for the urban area. But now it has been decided to start our clinic by setting a low salary for the doctors,’ said opposition deputy leader UT Khader.

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Preparations are being made for the start of ‘Namma Clinic’ in all the districts of the state, for which the recruitment process is going on. Interviews have been conducted in some districts and the process is yet to be conducted in the rest of the districts. Salaries of doctors and other staff are fixed as per government directives. How many applications have been received will be confirmed only after the full recruitment process is done in all the districts. If the applications for the post of doctors are less, we will discuss this at the government level and take the next decision,” said Dr. NRMH Mission Director. Arundhati Chandrasekhar said.

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