Nalin Kumar Kateel: There is no chance of silent Sunil joining BJP: Nalin Kumar Kateel clarified

Bangalore: BJP State President Nalin Kumar Kateel clarified that there is no chance for Silent Sunil to join BJP. He has given a press statement about this and said that Silent Sunil will not be included in the party for any reason.

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I am getting information about the participation of some party leaders in the program organized by Silent Sunila Nagar. He said that an explanation will be sought from the leaders who participated in the program.

Silent Sunil: Tejaswi Surya, PC Mohan with rowdyster Silent Sunil; Objection on social media

Party leaders should ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future. He suggested that all issues should be brought to the attention of the party.

BJP is doing the work of nation building through the building of individuals. Nalin Kumar Kateel said that the party will not tolerate extremists, supporters of terrorist activities and those with criminal background under any circumstances.

What is the controversy?

BJP MPs Tejaswi Surya, PC Mohan, MLA Udaya Garudachar along with rowdy Silent Sunil were also present in the event held in Bangalore. Controversy was caused by the appearance of BJP leaders along with Silent Sunila, who was being searched by the CCB police.

Who is Silent Sunil?

A resident of Prakasha Nagar, Bangalore, Silent Sunil is originally from Kerala. He was jailed as a ‘juvenile’ when he was studying in class 10. A rowdy sheeter was first opened against him in Bangalore’s Subramanyanagar police station. After this, a rowdy sheeter was opened at Amrithalli, Howgrounds station. In 2017, a murder case was registered against Silent Sunil at the Yalahanka police station. He was also arrested under the Coca Act. Cases of murder, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, land mafia have been registered against him.