Muslim Quota: Is this injustice to Muslims? Politics of hate by BJP: Siddaramaiah sparks

Muslim Quota: Is this injustice to Muslims?  Politics of hate by BJP: Siddaramaiah sparks
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Bangalore: Former CM Siddaramaiah lashed out at the BJP government saying that the BJP government has betrayed the nation by creating confusion on the reservation issue, doing politics of revenge and dividing people on the basis of religion and caste.

Speaking at a press conference held at the KPCC office, he said that the unconstitutional revision of reservation is a betrayal of this nation. The state government has tried to deceive the people by giving wrong information. He expressed outrage that the BJP government has betrayed Nadi by making a new classification of reservation.

The purpose of the constitution given by Ambedkar is to provide equal protection without discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or gender. This is what Article 14 of the Constitution says. Article 15 and 16 provide for reservation in education and employment. Its aim is to give special privileges to those who are deprived of opportunities and bring them into the mainstream. It is only when the socially and educationally backward are brought into the mainstream that we can move towards the establishment of an equal society. This is clearly stated in the constitution. He said that the central and state governments have been giving reservations in this context.

Baba Saheb said that as long as there is caste system, there should be reservation. Inequality is created because of caste system. In his speech on November 25, 1949, Ambedkar said that since January 26, 1950, we are entering a society of contradictions, where there is inequality socially, educationally, politically, economically. It is the duty of all of us to eliminate this. If we do not do this, our freedom will be meaningless. He said that if we continue without removing this inequality, those people who are subjected to inequality and injustice will destroy the edifice of democracy.

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Report from 5 committees about reservation!
The Constitution states that reservation should be given to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes in proportion to their population. The provision of reservation for the backward was not included in the constitution in the first amendment in 1951. Naganagowda Commission, LG Havanur, Chinnappareddy, Venkataswamy’s committee and 4 committees have formed reports in the state, Mandal Commission has formed a report in the center. He said that the reservation is fixed on the basis of this.

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Since May 1995, reservation has been given to minorities. So far no court order has come to cancel it, no committee reports have come. Then why has the state government taken the decision to cancel the reservation for Muslims? From this it is clear that they are doing hate politics. He said that it is true that there is 4% reservation for Muslims from the past, but reservation has not been given according to their population.

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Okkaligas had asked for 12 per cent reservation based on their community population, Veerashaiva Lingayats had asked for 15 per cent reservation and inclusion in 2A. In the Indira Sahani case in 1992, a 9-judge bench had said that the reservation should not exceed 50%, now the reservation in the state is 50%, Parliament has to change this decision of the court. If the change is to be valid, it should be added to the 9th Schedule of the Constitution. Did he do any of this? He questioned.

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According to the judgment in the Indira Sahani case, a permanent commission for backward classes should be constituted in every state and it should be reviewed every 10 years. Any addition or removal from the list of backward classes requires the recommendation of the Permanent Commission for Backward Classes. Where is the report on removing minorities from reservation? Isn’t this an injustice to minorities? What is the reason for removing the reservation that was given since 1995? Has anyone asked or is there any report that they have been added to EWS? He questioned.

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