Muruga Shree: Muruga Shree Check Signing Issue: Why All Self Cheques? High Court Question

Bangalore: The presiding officer of Chitradurga’s Muruga Rajendra Mutt, Dr. The High Court has expressed doubt over the signing of over a hundred self-cheques to pay salaries to the staff of the Shivamurthy Muruga Rajendra Swamiji Mutt.

Also, ‘Why are all the checks in the same name? Why are they self-checks?’ Questioned, the court again directed the petitioner to provide comprehensive information. The application submitted by Swamiji. M. It came up for hearing on Thursday before a single member bench headed by Naga Prasanna.

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After examining the memo submitted by Swamiji’s lawyer, the court said, ‘Permission has been requested to sign 101 self-cheques in the name of Basaveshwar Hospital. But why is everything self-checks? The name of the organization does not matter. Where will the money flow’ expressed doubt. Also, not having faith in the memo, the court adjourned the hearing till Friday after instructing the lawyers to submit a memo with adequate information.

In the meantime, the court hearing the petition on Wednesday, said, ‘Employees should not go on a fast because of your problem. Salaries will have to continue as they were paid before arrest. A memo with detailed information about that should be submitted’ and the inquiry was adjourned.

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‘Swamiji is the sole trustee and president of Math and Vidya Peetha. The Math has 150 educational institutes nearby under SJM Vidya Peeth including Medical, Engineering. More than 3,000 employees are working in these institutions and as they need money for their salaries, they should be allowed to sign the checks from the jail,” the lawyer for Swamiji has requested in the petition.

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Swamiji had requested the jail authorities to allow him to sign the cheque. This request was rejected by the jail authorities. So he filed an application in the court. That application was heard by Second Additional Sessions Judge B. K. Komala had rejected. An appeal was filed in the High Court challenging this order.

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