Munirathna: Urigowda Nanjegowda movie fixed for May 18! Cinematography by Minister Aswatthanarayan, Producer by Munirath

Munirathna: Urigowda Nanjegowda movie fixed for May 18!  Cinematography by Minister Aswatthanarayan, Producer by Munirath
Bangalore: State horticulture minister and producer Munirathna had proposed to produce a movie about Urigowda and Nanje Gowda of Mandya, who were said to have been tipped. Currently, the muhurta of the movie is scheduled to be held on May 18 at 10 am at Kantheerava Studio in Bangalore.

Higher Education Minister Dr. C.N. Ashwatthanarayan will pen the screenplay. It will be produced by Vrishabadri Productions. Horticulture Minister Munirath is the producer. RS Gowda will direct the movie. R Ashok and CT Ravi will present the film to the audience.

Minister Muniratna himself tweeted about this and gave information. The Muhurta of ‘Ureegowda Nanjegowda’ based on historical events produced by Vrishabadri Productions will be held on May 18 at Kantheerava Studios. Minister Muniratna said in a tweet that RS Gowda is directing this film, which has a screenplay by Dr. CN Aswath Narayan.

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The poster is also available

The poster of the movie was also released by Minister Muniratna. In the poster, Ureegowda Nanjegowda is standing with a sword. The period is given as 1750 to 1799. It is referred to as a true story based on a historical event. The poster has pictures of people fighting with the British.

Minister’s photo in the post

The poster of the movie has photos of Horticulture Minister Munirathna in the producer space, CT Ravi and R Ashok in the offering space. Photos of arches and tombs have also been posted.

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Kurukshetra artists in this film

Gopi, who handled the art department in Kurukshetra 3D movie, will handle the art department in this movie. Through this, it is said that the film can come on the screen in a big way.

Controversial topic selection

Minister Muniratna has taken the controversy seriously. He produced many big budget movies including Kurukshetra. This time he has chosen the story of controversial persons.

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Actors are not final; Is the release before the elections?

Producer Muniratna has not revealed any information about who will act in Urigowda and Nanjegowda’s movie. It is expected that the actors may come during the shooting muhurta. Urigowda and Nanjegowda, who killed Tipu, are BJP’s central material in this election.

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