MonkeyPox Case: No monkeypox case found in the state, precautionary measures are being followed: Dr. K. Sudhakar

Bangalore: No case of monkey fox has been found in the state so far. Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar clarified that precautionary measures are being followed right from the beginning.

On the occasion of World Vascular Day, the Minister participated in an awareness walk organized by Vascular Surgeons Association from Town Hall to Kantheerava Stadium. After talking to the reporters, he said that strict vigilance has been taken in the border areas in view of monkey fox.

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Hospitals are also prepared for treatment. International travelers should follow the guidelines when they arrive in the state. A man from Ethiopia was tested for suspected monkey fox. But it has been confirmed that it is not a monkey fox but a small fox.

Health department officials are working round the clock at airports and ports. Three types of shifts are scheduled. Although this case has been reported in other states too, no case has been reported in the state so far. Monkey fox can be recognized by several symptoms including skin rashes. However, like Covid, it is also detectable after three to four days. This is a matter of concern.

Awareness is essential

There are very few vascular specialists in the country. More awareness needs to be created in urban areas about this health problem. Vascular problems can also lead to other ailments. Young people and professionals should be helped in this matter. Traffic policemen stand longer than ordinary people. Similarly, teachers, surgeons and others also stand for long hours.

This causes vascular problems. It is estimated that every 6 seconds a person in the world loses a leg. More emphasis should be placed on blood vessel health. Everyone should be encouraged to do light exercise. Diabetics should pay special attention to this, he said.