Modi Yoga in Mysore

Bangalore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day state tour is over. Modi, who arrived in Bengaluru on Monday, launched various development programs. He then traveled to Mysore to celebrate the International Yoga Day on Tuesday at the Palace grounds of Mysore with more than 15 thousand yogis.

Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received breakfast and hospitality at the invitation of the Mysore prince Pramodadevi. Modi visit to Mysore is of course curious as another assembly election is nearing.

Narendra Modi clicks on selfie with Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi is a man who fell on his leg after a yoga session

The BJP has a strong base in coastal and highland areas. Old Mysore is the BJP’s target in this time’s election. The BJP is making efforts to secure the lotus flag in the old Mysore districts, including Mandya Mysore and Chamarajanagar. Already, the BJP leaders have embarked on efforts to boost organizational power and attract many people through the operation.

Narendra Modi Yoga Yoga at Palace City Mysore PM Modi, who has practiced various asanas

KC Narayana Gowda, who is a BJP member through Operation Lotus, hinted at the possibility of the party’s strengthening in Old Mysore. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that the non-party MP Sumalatha Ambarish will join the BJP. Sumalatha Ambarish’s Facebook post, of course, is of course curious.

Sumalatha Ambarish, who posted on Facebook about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for announcing several projects that would benefit the state and Mandya. My continued efforts to ensure the adequate implementation of central government projects in the field. The Prime Minister has requested the Prime Minister to visit Mandya constituency. He responded positively and said he would visit soon. This post by the Mandya MP has stirred up speculation about his BJP inclusion.

The visit of Mysore together, the celebration of the International Yoga Day at the Palace grounds, and the breakfast with the royal family have sparked innate curiosity and debate in the wake of recent developments.

A special gift to PM Modi on arrival at Cultural City: Mysore-style food

Modi’s visit has also been a boon for the BJP. It is no mistake that the BJP’s attempt to woo the people of the old Mysore district in the immediate aftermath of the assembly elections. However, it is interesting to see how much this lotus plan will workout.

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