Ministerial position for Bosaraj who is not MLA, MLC? Whose choice is this, why this choice?

Ministerial position for Bosaraj who is not MLA, MLC?  Whose choice is this, why this choice?
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New Delhi: The expansion of the state cabinet has brought confusion to CM Siddaramaiah and DCM Shivakumar. It seems that even the MLAs who are benefiting from the ministry have had enough. However, several people have tried to join the ministry without giving up. The whole picture has been shifted to Delhi.

Amidst all this, it has been decided to induct former MLA from Manvi taluk of Raichur district, current secretary of AICC NS Bosaiah in Siddaramaiah’s cabinet. But, they are not MLAs! That means he is neither a member of the Legislative Assembly nor a member of the Legislative Council. However, sources said that he has been inducted into the cabinet.

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Whose choice is it?

The Karnataka State Council of Ministers has a limit of 34 posts including the Chief Minister. Among them, Siddaramaiah, Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar and eight other ministers have taken oath. An exercise was conducted to fill the remaining 26 ministerial posts. Among them, it was decided to appoint 24 ministers. Among them, 8 seats were allotted to Siddaramaiah’s faction, 8 seats to DK Shivakumar’s faction and 8 seats to High Command faction.

According to the information now, Bosaraju will join the cabinet in the high command quota. He will also join Siddaramaiah’s cabinet of 23 ministers. It is said that AICC president Mallikarjuna Kharge himself suggested that Bosaraju should be included as one of them.

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Why choose Bosaraju?

The high command had two reasons for selecting Bosaraju. Former MLA from Manvi, this time he asked his son Ravi Bosaraju for ticket. However, he was not given a ticket. He had given up the ticket demand on the High Command’s recommendation. Congress high command feels sorry for him.

Besides, Bosaraju is in charge of Telangana Congress. Elections will be held in Telangana by the end of this year. So, if Bosaraju is made a minister now, it will have a positive effect on Telangana Congress leaders. The high command believes that it will benefit the Congress there. It is said that this is why he was selected for the ministerial position in Karnataka.

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He shall be eligible to become a member of the Legislative Assembly or Vidhan Parishad for a period of six months from the date of taking oath as Minister. So, the Congress has decided to make him a candidate for the Vidhan Sabha election which will be held soon and win, thereby strengthening his position as a minister.

Since the Congress got 135 seats in the new assembly formed after the elections, the Congress will get 3 seats in the Vidhan Parishad. Because of this, it is said that it will be easy for Congress to win Bosaraju.

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