Minister Dr. HDK outrage against Ashwatthanarayan: Former CM mocks Amit Shah’s visit

Ramnagar: Minister said that when the house catches fire, they cook. About Ashwatthanarayan’s statement, former Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy is furious. Speaking to the media at his garden in Bidadi, he said that a minister should speak with consciousness. He said that it is not right to talk like a tongue roll.

The game played with the DK brothers cannot be played near me. All this does not go well with Kumaraswamy. He lashed out that Ashwatthanarayan was talking like this out of a scumbag. Ashwathtanarayana consciousness should be kept and spoken. 25 lakhs of Rs. Who started giving? Each side has made rules. He expressed indignation that speech should not be overpowered by duddy mada.

Blood of poor youth is the blood of BJP: HDK hits back at BJP for complaining about tears

Teased about Amit Shah’s visit:
He was stung about Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s state visit; They must be coming to the state to drop more shenanigans. They may be coming here to continue the killings in Gujarat. The nature of BJP is to commit murder and do politics during elections. BJP brought the youth who were comfortable at home in the name of Hindutva to come to power. Now if you see, they are ordering us to listen to what we have said. Kumaraswamy thundered that he was fed up with power.

Not interested in Siddharamotsava:
I have no interest in Siddaramotsava. They are doing something. Why should I worry about it? Let them do their thing. If not five, then show twenty lakh people. Let Delhi demonstrate about his leadership. This will share the fire in their party. Kumaraswamy said what is our problem.

Balakrishna said, Give me a chance too. What is wrong with this? When taking a decision in politics, some decisions have to be made. In 2006, I went to MP Prakash’s house and said that I would become the CM. That situation made me Chief Minister. He said that no one else made me CM.

KS Eshwarappa has removed the real face of BJP: HDK outraged

BJP tweeted about me without humanity. I have also given an answer to that. I was not happy to be CM. Even Balakrishna saw my tears that day. If my father’s health has been affected, it is because I formed the government with BJP. If I cry about my father’s health, BJP is saying that HDK has gone to hold elections through tears. BJP party has grown on the mantle of Idga Maidan, the sacrifice of innocent children. He criticized that BJP should have some humanity.

The state knows who contributed what. There are records of my achievements in Vidhana Soudha. I had a meeting about the National Highway Project. The Prime Minister has now embarked on the circular rail project. Now, it hasn’t taken off yet. Already going to take photo credit. Who is this to come here and take a photo? Kumaraswamy said.

Basavaraja Bommayi is chanting bulldozer to cover failure: HDK

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started photo politics. His disciple Pratap Simha is also continuing it. Bangalore-Mysore highway is also in poor condition. There is no doubt about it. He lashed out that the BJP government is cutting the tape and taking the buildup for someone’s job in the government.

Ramnagar DC, SP v. Kidi:
In Ramnagar district, both DC and SP scared the engineers and removed the humps on the road. One PDO died near Basavanpur. One has lost a leg. Accidents happen everyday. It should be understood that officers are there to protect people. Apart from that, the authorities are working here to take people’s lives. One person died in an accident right in front of our farm house. Hump ​​hockey has never been played before. The former chief minister expressed outrage that it should be clarified which court had ordered him.