Mandya Mims Lab Outsourcing Share; The price of various tests has also increased!

Naveen Mandya
Mandya: The Central Diagnostic Laboratory (Central Diagnostic Laboratory) of Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences in the city has been privatized by outsourcing it in the name of cost per test. There is a debate about this in the public sector.

Earlier, since it was a district hospital, all kinds of tests were done in the hospital to diagnose the disease of the patients. Staff were assigned from the hospital and the tests were done by them. Even after the district hospital was converted into Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) in 2005, a similar arrangement was in place.

Meanwhile, the opportunity to conduct all tests of Biochemist, Microbiology department at Central Testing Laboratory at Mims has been outsourced to a private organization. Outsourcing is done in the name of Cost Per Test (CPT) through the Directorate of Medical Education Department.
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In addition to outsourcing, the fixed rates for various examinations have been increased and revised. This is a burden for patients and their families. Along with this, the amount of income coming to the Arogya Raksha Samiti Users Fund (ARS Users Fund) of Mims Teaching Hospital will also be drastically reduced, it is the argument of the opponents of the cost per test system.

However, people will benefit from the CPT system. All types of tests of biochemistry, microbiology department are done at low rates. Each exam has its own set of fees. According to MIMS officials, the money will be paid to the organization that got the agency and the remaining money will be kept in the user’s fund and used for the development work of MIMS teaching hospital.

Pathology department exam is also covered by CPT

Presently the examinations of Biochemist, Microbiology Department in MIMs Teaching Hospital are covered under CPT. Various examinations which used to be held at three separate places are now conducted at one place. Mims sources say that in the later days the examinations of the pathology department will also be included in the CPT.
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Why Cost Per Test?
Hitherto only staff deputed by Mims were working in the Central Inspection Laboratory. These staff handled all kinds of lab work including taking blood samples from patients and conducting various tests.

Meanwhile, the agency outsourced from the CPT system will deploy the staff to the laboratory. This staff will conduct all the testing. Application of reagents, machinery is also agency. Thus, Central Diagnostic Laboratory (CDL) of Mims will also be standard as a private lab. In addition, any problem encountered in the lab is the responsibility of the agency. Mims officials say that this will solve many problems that will come before Mims.
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Privatization is not worth it
The poor, middle class people would have benefited more if thousands of routine tests were done at the central diagnostic laboratory at MIMS. Essential tests were done at low rates. However, as a result of lab privatization, all fees for various tests are transferred to private agencies through the Arogya Raksha Samiti user fund.

This leaves no money in the user’s fund. Consequently, no development work of any kind will be carried out in Mims Teaching Hospital. Also, after the implementation of CPT system, the rate of examinations has been increased and revised. It is a burden on the poor. Millions of Rs are collected through thousands of tests every day. The money goes to the private agency. It has been opposed that there is no need for CPT system.
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A government hospital is being privatized internally. This is an attempt to sell the government health system. Similarly, laboratories of state government medical colleges are being given to private individuals. This is benefiting private individuals. The rate of tests has been increased. This is causing financial burden to people.
MB Naganna Gowda, Divisional President, Karunada Sevakar Sangathan, Mandya

The Cost Per Reportable Test (CPRT) system, which was in force in other government colleges of the state, has also been implemented in MIMS. 6 crores for machinery every year due to this going to tender. Investing is a mistake. All responsibility for any problem lies with the agency. This is of great benefit to Mims and the people. Patients will be served quickly. Fees for exams are not increased now.
Dr. Srinivasamurthy, Head, Biochemistry Lab, Mims, HonDr