Mallikarjun, who came half way from the honeymoon and became an MLA, is the third ministerial candidate

Mallikarjun, who came half way from the honeymoon and became an MLA, is the third ministerial candidate
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In 1998, S.S. entered politics as an MLA in a strange situation. Mallikarjun; He is the youngest son of Congress treasurer, businessman and agrabha rich man Shamanur Shivshankarappa.

In 1998, Shamanur Shivshankarappa, who was an MLA from Davangere, was fielded by the Congress from Davangere Lok Sabha constituency. As he won in this, by-elections were held for Davangere Assembly.

S.S. who got married a few days before the by-election. Mallikarjun went to Europe for honeymoon with his wife Prabha. The last day for nomination papers was nearing without finding a suitable candidate for the Congress Constituency. Finally it was decided to stop Mallikarjun himself.

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A message was sent to Mallikarjun, who was in Switzerland, to come urgently. Those who came signed the prepared nomination papers and submitted their candidature for the election. Mallikarjun unexpectedly became an MLA. He was only 30 years old then.

His MLA tenure was only 1 year and 1 month. In 1999, when the assembly elections were held, he again contested and won S.M. Krishna became a minister in the government. Later in 2004, he contested his father’s Lok Sabha seat, while Shamanur Shivshankarappa returned to the Davanagere assembly seat.

But Mallikarjun, who won the Assembly elections, could not win the Lok Sabha elections. In 2004, 2009, 2014, he lost consecutively in three elections. It is special that every time he loses by a small margin. Especially once he lost by only 2000 votes.

16 kg gold, 6 quintal silver, ₹152 crore property declared by S.S. Mallikarjun!

In 2008, when the assembly constituencies were redistributed, two constituencies namely Davangere North and South were created. Then Mallikarjun made up his mind again towards the assembly.

He contested from Davangere North in the 2013 election and won the SA by more than 58 thousand votes. He defeated Rabindranath. Thus, he who entered the assembly for the third time was also a minister in Siddaramaiah’s cabinet. He again faced defeat in 2018 elections. He lost against Rabindranath.

Now, he has won again in 2023 and is the MLA for the fourth time, and has joined the Siddaramaiah cabinet as a minister for the third time.

Agarbha Rich

Like his father, 55-year-old son Mallikarjun is also an early rich man. Born on September 22, 1967 in Davangere, he graduated with B.Com. Like his father, he is recognized as an industrialist and owns a sugar factory and a rice mill. He is also the President of SS Medical College.

In this election, Mallikarjun collected Rs 152 crore. Property had been declared. He claimed to have 16.54 kg gold, 6.28 quintal silver and 226.3 acres of agricultural land. They have two sons named Samarth and Shiva and a daughter named Pratiksha.

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