Madal Virupakshappa Arrest: Madal Virupakshappa hydrama that chest pain after arrest!

Madal Virupakshappa Arrest: Madal Virupakshappa hydrama that chest pain after arrest!
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Bangalore: Channagiri MLA was arrested by Lokayukta police after Madal Virupakshappa’s bail application was rejected. MLA Madal Virupakshappa, who was arrested by the Lokayukta police, hydramed that I am a heart patient and am getting severe chest pain.

Hence he was checked up at Bowring Hospital’s emergency department. Later, the police arranged for them to have lunch in the chief medical officer’s room of the hospital. He then took him to the Lokayukta office and interrogated him.

Madal Virupakshappa Arrest: BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa arrested in bribery case!

What happened during the arrest?

  • A team of more than 20 Lokayukta policemen was stationed at the toll from 4 pm
  • Lokayukta police arrived in more than five vehicles
  • Constant vehicle checking near Katsandra toll
  • Inspection of vehicles going to Bangalore from Tumkur side
  • At 6.58 pm, the model was caught in a white Innova car
  • Four people along with Modal were moving towards Bangalore
  • “I have already spoken,” Madal said as the Lokayukta team car stopped
  • “Illasar, we have an order from above,” said the Lokayukta officer
  • “Come with us immediately,” said the officer sitting in the front seat of the car
  • Lokayukta officials who took the car towards Bangalore

Madal Virupakshappa Arrest : BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa Arrested; Modal went missing and was arrested near TumkurCourt said arrest is necessary for collection of evidence
During the bail hearing on Monday morning, the bench said, “There is no situation where the complainant meets the second accused without the notice of the first accused Modal Virupakshappa and demands bribe and accepts bribe. The police said that they have to collect evidence from many people including KSDL staff and other officials.

The investigating officers have recorded the statement of the applicant’s family members. They confiscated the money in the accused’s room. However, it was not possible to collect call information and WhatsApp messages from the mobile phone of the accused. It is opined that if the accused is not taken into custody and interrogated, the police will not be able to gather adequate evidence.

Madal Virupakshappa: MLA Madal Virupakshappa’s bail application dismissed; Fear of arrest, will Madal hide again?
In the Chidambaram case, the Supreme Court said that in financial crime cases, the police must arrest the accused and interrogate them. Although the charges against the petitioner did not relate to direct economic crime, the court said that KSDL was a government-owned public institution.

Companies supplying raw materials spend crores of rupees to get tenders. When bribes are given, quality raw materials cannot be expected from those companies. The High Court said that by awarding tenders to bribe payers under the pretense of conducting the process under the KTTP Act, the online public auction process will remain an empty formality conducted in front of the public.

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