Let 40% commission allegation be shown on record: Basavaraja Bommai challenges Congress

Let 40% commission allegation be shown on record: Basavaraja Bommai challenges Congress
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Bangalore: Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has challenged the Congress leaders that the Congress government should show the allegation of 40% commission on the BJP government.

Speaking to the media in Bengaluru, he said, “I am clearly telling the Congress that they will investigate the scams of the BJP era. Please investigate everything. They charge us 40% commission. They should show with proof that it is 40%. Congress government should give all documents about 40% allegation. Let it be on record that we took 40% commission. He said that I will also demand in this regard.

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The contractors association had also charged 40% commission. Now their government has come. 40% can say no. Let the contractor association put 40% less in all future tenders. That only means that it was 40% in our time. He said that if a tender is made for the same amount today, 40% will still be there.

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The President of the Contractors Association, Kempanna, has a very big responsibility. After this, Kempanna should ask all their associations to submit tenders for 40% deficit. Kempanna has not given 40% record so far, not even the court. They spread slander against us. Congress has taken advantage of it. Let us investigate everything from our time to their time. In addition to that, let the PSI also investigate the case. Let the truth of all cases come out. We have given the scandals of his time to Lokayukta, he said.

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Congress cheated people about the guarantee!

A lot of people have also said about the guarantee scheme. Congress cheated people about the guarantee. The activists have not gone to the people and told them. About it, someone from a bank or a company went and told about the guarantee scheme. They called me from the DC office in Bangalore and lied. Which DC office means District Congress office? They said about this kind of cheating guarantee scheme. He said that everything will come to light later.

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Preparations for Lok Sabha elections have begun!

On Sunday, we held a BJP self-reflection meeting. We have brought reports from all districts. Elections were held in different ways in each district. There are some lapses and we have decided to correct them. Next, we have decided on party reorganization and preparation for Lok Sabha elections. It has been decided that BJP party leaders and office bearers will tour the state in the coming days. We have found many reasons for the election defeat. He said that in some places it is due to the candidates and in some places the organization is the reason.

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