Legislative Council: BJP’s Baburao Chinchansur elected unopposed

Bangalore: Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Baburao Chinchanasur has been elected unopposed in the election to a seat vacated by the resignation of CM Ibrahim, who was a member of the State Legislative Council.

Assistant Returning Officer and State Assembly Secretary Vishalakshi has announced that Baburao Chinchansur has been elected in this election, which was to be elected by the members of the state assembly.

The Election Commission of India has announced the election schedule for one seat of the Parishad, which was to be elected by the members of the State Legislative Assembly, on Date: 11-08-2022.

Vidhan Parishad Election: Baburao Chinchansur submits nomination papers as BJP candidate

Baburao Chinchanasur was the only candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party for one seat in the Parishad. But the Congress and JDS parties did not field a candidate.

Thursday was the last day to withdraw nomination papers. Baburao Chinnasur, who was the only candidate as there was no one in the fray, was elected unopposed.

Baburao Chinchanasur is currently the Chairman of Nija Sharan Ambigar Choudaiya Nigam. Chinchansur is also an aspirant for the BJP ticket to the assembly from Gurmatkal constituency in Yadgiri district.

Chinchansur had joined the BJP after losing the last assembly elections. Baburao Chinchanasur was instrumental in defeating Congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge in the last Lok Sabha elections.

CM Ibrahim, who was elected to the Legislative Council by the Congress, recently submitted his resignation and joined the JDS party. In this background, the vacant position was vacant.

Elections were to be held on August 11 for one seat in the Legislative Council. But the BJP candidate was elected unopposed as no one filed nomination papers.