Kumaraswamy says BJP has increased its thirst for power

Bangalore: The BJP has increased its thirst for power. Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy has asserted that the BJP cannot tolerate any other party being in power.

Speaking to the media at the party’s state office, JP Bhavan, he responded with a touching note on Operation Lotus in Maharashtra.

The BJP’s thirst for power is so bad that it is doubtful that a clear majority in the coming days will remain. The BJP expressed dismay that the other party, which won a full majority, would not let the government expire.

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Thackeray is apparently saying he has not gained the confidence of lawmakers. But behind it is the BJP. There is no doubt in this.

I have experienced this in Karnataka. He also accused me of not trusting legislators. He falsely campaigned that lawmakers were not properly treated. I gave Rs 19,000 crore to the development of the constituency of the Congress. I gave the list to the party’s legislative party leaders. However, he lamented that the government was ousted by Operation Lotus.

The conduct of the BJP in Maharashtra is a scandal to the Constitution. The BJP is spreading the blasphemy all over the country. There is no constitutional protection left today. Kumaraswamy’s remarks against the BJP, despite the good government’s offer, are costly.

Feedback on the textbook

Responding to the issue of the textbook crisis, H DK said that there was pro-opposition debate over the textbook. The Congress is speaking out against the text. Now, the BJP minister is accusing the Siddaramaiah government of framing the text. He said the Siddaramaiah government had made a mistake.

The Kuvempu Forum had invited HD Deve Gowdy to insult Kuvempu. So, Deve Gowda had gone to fight. I am also studying what is wrong with the text during both governments, ”he said.

Core Committee decision to expel legislators

The ousting of legislators Gubbi Srinivas and K. Srinivasaguda is the core committee decision. Former chief ministers said they had been expelled for cross-voting against the party.

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This is not what goes into the Court or complaining to the Speaker of the Assembly. The Defendants’ Act does not succeed. This system needs to be changed first. Kumaraswamy said if our government comes in, we will do the right thing for these laws.

In this case JDS city president R. Prakash and others were in attendance.

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