Ksheva Grace, BBMP ward division in BJP office: Ramalingareddy

Bangalore: KPCC president Ramalinga Reddy alleged that the BBMP ward division was decided by the RSS office Keshav Krishna and the BJP office.

Speaking at a press conference at the KPCC office in Bengaluru on Friday, the chief commissioner’s committee has not held any meetings on the restructuring of the BBMP ward. He expressed outrage that Ward has been reassigned without collecting anyone’s opinion.

BBMP Ward Delimitation: Increase the number of BBMP Wards to 243 Opportunity, Opportunity for suggestions

“We have a hard copy,” he said.

The Commissioner has signed the ward division of Keshava and the BJP. None of our officers have information on de-limitation. Revenue department officials are not aware of the ward re-division. The BBMP election should be tomorrow and not tomorrow. How many years can you postpone? He asked.

Statewide protests on June 27

A statewide protest will be held on June 27 against Agnipath, said Ramalinga Reddy. There will be protests in all the constituencies from 11 am to 1 pm. He said a peaceful protest would be held.

BBMP Road Reality: Prime Minister Narendra Modi dumped in a few days ..

Abuse of constitutional posts in the country. The BJP has gone out of its way to destroy democracy. They are creating communal riots and destroying the unity of the country. Now the farmers and soldiers are kicking the BJP government into football. They are contracting laborers waiting in the country by fire. BJP leaders have been ridiculed for not seeing the children of those who dug into the well.

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