KPSC: KPSC is a thorn for government job seekers! Does the Commission not have a plan?

Vika Jandani
Srikanth Hunsavadi
The Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC), which was supposed to make appointments based on efficiency, honesty and merit, is known for corruption, nepotism, illegality and delay and has become a thorn in the side of job aspirants. Therefore, even though lakhs of government posts are vacant in the state, there is no efficient organization to fill them.

Even though decades have passed, the government has not made a serious effort to get rid of the commission as a ‘hole of illegalities’. So the young job seekers who dream of government service are in despair. There is a situation in which no one believes that the commission is 100 percent honest and efficient, giving priority to excellence and appointing them. The main reason for this is the Commission’s history of appointments irregularities.

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Even in recent years, there have been no instances of any appointment being made without illegalities. Appointments do not expire within a year or time frame. Some appointments are not completed for at least five years as in the ‘Five Year Plan’. The main reason for this is the politics, caste, class and other factors involved in the appointment of the chairman and members of the commission.

At present, there is a chairman and 12 members in the commission. Although the Hota committee has recommended the formation of a search committee for the appointment of the chairman and members of the commission, the government is not following it. When the KPSC rituals are on the increase, many times in the legislative assemblies, the words ‘the commission is a white swan’ and ‘it should be closed’ are heard. However, the functioning of the commission has not improved at all.

Unimplemented Hota committee report..!

When the 2011 KAS appointment scam came out, the then CM Siddaramaiah had formed a Hota Committee to give ‘Kayakalpa’ to KPSC. The Hota Committee conducted an extensive study in 2014 and submitted a report for comprehensive reform of the Commission. However, the recommendations of the committee have not been fully implemented by any government so far. The Governments, who dance to the tune of the Commission and DPAR, have only ‘selectively’ implemented some of the recommendations related to the interview and examination, and have not paid attention to the other important recommendations. In 2016, Ny. N. It is unfortunate that although the division bench led by Kumar ordered the implementation of the Hota committee report, the governments did not ‘carry’.

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No one has been punished

The main reason for corruption and nepotism in appointing the commission’s chairman and members and staff is that no one has been punished so far. Although there is a smell of illegality in almost all the appointments, there is no way to prove them with evidence and punish them. Former President H. N. Cases against Krishna and Gonal Bhimappa and many others are still pending in subordinate courts. Accused have been dragging the cases for years by taking advantage of some lapses in the judiciary. It is ironic that the government is also interested in that and does not come forward to see a logical end to those cases.

Staff accommodation

The role of the staff there is also important in the Commission’s irregularities and delays in appointments. However, the staff who have rooted themselves in the commission for tens of years, have engaged in illegal business so that no one can shake them. It is worth mentioning that the Commission has recently suspended three staff members who were involved in FDA testing irregularities. The Hota Committee had already recommended in 2014 that the existing staff should be deputed to different departments every two years and the staff of different departments should be assigned to the Commission. But the Department of Administrative and Personnel Reforms (DPAR), which is supposed to formulate rules in this regard, is turning a blind eye. First a rule has to be framed, which requires the approval of the Centre. The aspirants are of the opinion that the Law Minister of the State and the Union Minister should focus on that.

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No new appointment

KPSC has not issued any new recruitment notification for almost last two years. It is sufficient to carry out the existing recruitment, and steps are being taken in that regard, prioritizing the completion of pending recruitment processes due to Covid and other reasons.

All three parties are responsible

The three parties are equally responsible for the permanent label of KPSC as a ‘cesspool of corruption’ in the state. Political parties, who were in opposition while in opposition, ‘adjusted’ as soon as they came to power. BJP, Congress and JDS are no exception to this. First, the ‘interference’ in the appointment of the commission by the ruling governments has to stop

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