Kovid is not associated with Tomato Flu: Minister Dr Sudhakar

Bangalore: Coronavirus has nothing to do with tomato fever found in some districts of Kerala. Minister for Health and Medical Education Dr K Sudhakar made it clear that this is confined to a few areas of Kerala.

Tomato Flu is not a newly arrived flu. It has been appearing in Kerala for some years. It only appeared in some areas. Children under the age of 5 years have fever and blisters on the skin. The health department in Kerala is treating it. Karnataka Health Department is also in touch with the Kerala Health Department.

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Border Patrol and District Officers have already been instructed to keep track of passengers, especially children, from Kerala. It also tracks children in five border districts. He said children should be checked and treated for fever or blisters on the skin.

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Misinformation about tomato fever is spreading on social networking sites. The public should not believe it. So far, no cases of tomato flu have been recorded in Karnataka. But at the border, children under the age of 5 are advised to check for fever or blisters on the skin.

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The seriousness of the Corona 4th wave is low. But everyone should get a 3rd dose vaccine. No one should be negligent in this regard. Dr Sudhakar said the vaccine would not be a problem.