KMF Nandini Milk | Nandini milk price Rs 3 per litre. KMF Resolution to Increase: Pending Govt

Bengaluru: Selling price of Nandini milk is Rs 3 per litre. The State Milk Mahamandal (KMF) has decided to increase In the annual meeting of KMF, a unanimous resolution was passed regarding increasing the selling price of milk.

Top sources of KMF said that the presidents of 14 district milk unions of the state, who participated in the meeting, expressed their preference for price hike.
Nandini milk | 3 per liter of milk. KMF proposal to govt for increase: ‘positive response from CM’
All the milk unions in the state have been putting pressure on the KMF for the last 8 months to increase the selling price of milk. In this background, KMF President and MLA Balachandra Jarakiholi has appealed to the government many times but has not received a suitable response from the Chief Minister. For the convenience of farmers, the selling price of milk will soon be Rs 3 per litre. Increase should be done. Sources said that a consensus decision was reached in the meeting that the full benefit of the price increase should be passed on to the farmers. Government permission is pending in this regard.

KMF MD said that the CM has responded positively:

The selling price of milk is Rs 3 per litre. BC Satish, Managing Director of State Milk Mahamandal (KMF) had commented after the meeting held in August that the CM has responded positively to the request for increase.
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“At present, the selling price of Nandini milk in the state is Rs 37 per litre. There is Milk price of other brands ranges from Rs 40 to Rs 51 per litre. In this regard, KMF President Balachandra Jarakiholi met the Chief Minister and requested to increase the price of milk to Rs. 40.

“40 lakh liter packets of milk are being sold in the state every day. The cost of livestock management and milk production has increased. Thus, increasing the selling price of milk will benefit the dairy industry. Farmers are encouraged to rear cows. If the price of milk is increased, we will completely transfer the benefit to the farmers,” he said.
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1.37 crore liter target:

Milk production has increased in the milk unions of South Karnataka. Compared to the previous year, the sales volume of milk has increased from 22 to 25 percent. We have prepared a comprehensive market development plan for the next 5 years. With a special focus on the market, by 2027, the target is to collect 1.37 crore liters of milk per day. The target is to increase the annual turnover of KMF from Rs 22 thousand crore to Rs 25 thousand crore next year.

Rarayali by farmers on September 13

Mandya: Bharatiya Kisan Sangh has decided to hold a protest rally by the farmers on September 13 in the city demanding scientific price fixing for milk based on the cost of production and release of the exemption amount, said Hadya Rameshraju, general secretary of the Sangh’s Karnataka Dakshina Province.
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Bharatiya Kisan Sangh-Karnataka region unit has called for protest in all districts of Karnataka. Similarly, a rally will be held in Mandya at 11 am on that day. Finally, he said in a press conference on Saturday that he will sit and protest in front of the Collector’s office for a few days and submit a request to the Chief Minister through the Collector.

70 per liter of milk to the farmers. will cost But Manmul, which buys milk from farmers at Rs 29, sells it at Rs 40 to Rs 44. It is supplying to the market at a profit of Rs 11 to 15 more than the amount purchased from the Milk Producers Co-operative Society. After deducting various expenses including milk collection, transportation, processing, administrative management, retail seller’s commission, Manmul will pay six and seven rupees. Savings will be made.
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On September 22 Vidhansouda siege

Doddaballapur: Demand to raise Rs 5 per liter of milk. BC Anand Kumar, director of KMF and BAMOOL, said that Bengaluru, Bangalore Rural, Kolar, Tumkur and Mandya Milk Unions have decided to hold a massive protest by laying siege to Vidhana Soudha on 22nd.

Speaking about this, he said that the authority has withdrawn the subsidy given to livestock feeds, which is currently Rs 1,040 per bag. Thus, expenses are increasing more than profits and farmers are leaving dairy farming. Due to this, the production of milk is reduced. This is really shocking, he said.

Yeddyurappa and Siddaramaiah had given incentives to milk during both their tenures as Chief Ministers. Based on the situation, he had given an offer to increase the rate. However, BC Anand Kumar complained that Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai was not responding to his request for price hike.