Kempe Gowda Statue: “Burj Khalifa, Kempe Gowda’s statue will become famous like Statue of Liberty”: Aswath Narayan

Bangalore: The BJP government named the Bangalore International Airport Nadaprabhu Kempegowda, now it is being developed as a special tourist destination, said the Vice Chairman of the Kempegowda Development Authority and Higher Education Minister Dr. C.N. Aswath Narayana Vijaya in a special interview to Karnataka.

Plan Specials
The statue is erected in front of Devanahalli International Airport. The total cost of this project is 84 crore rupees. A 108 feet tall bronze statue of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda has been installed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the statue on November 11, and a convention will be held on the same day. The Kempegowda theme park is also being constructed in a 23-acre area around the statue, Minister Aswath Narayan said that the theme park will take 6 months to complete.

Narendra Modi: Narendra Modi will arrive in the state on November 11: The details of the programs in which the Prime Minister will participate are as follows
The statue of Kempegowda was constructed using 218 tons of bronze and steel. 98 tons of bronze, 120 tons of steel have been used. The weight of the sword held by Kempegowda is 4 thousand kg. It was built by Ram Sutar, a world famous sculptor from Noida. All technical clearances were obtained around the airport and it was set to be constructed at a height of 108 feet. Later, it has been implemented, he said.

Aim to make it a popular tourist destination:
The statue of Kempegowda has been named ‘Statue of Progress’. People coming from different parts of the world should know who Kempegowda is. “The minister said that Kempegowda’s statue will become a landmark for Bangalore just like Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the Statue of Liberty in America. The Minister said that when everyone who comes to Bangalore takes a selfie in front of the statue, it will feel worthwhile even coming to Bangalore. Through a documentary, Kempegowda will be digitized to remind him alive again. Also, how the Burj Khalifa building is the most important in the world. He said that if the message is given, the special programs of the country and abroad will be mapped on the Kempegowda statue.

Why the conflict in the death collection campaign?
Just like states collected iron for the Statue of Ekta in Gujarat, bricks were collected from all over the country for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, the collection of holy soil is going on from all the districts for the statue of progress of the state. Since it is a government programme, pictures of government representatives have been put up. In some places, the opposition parties have opposed, it is up to them, they are allowed to express their opinion in a democracy. We have worked according to the law, he said.

PM Modi: PM Modi to unveil statue of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda on November 11
Are Kempegowdas confined to a party-caste?
This is what all governments should do. There is no political motive or selfishness in it. He said that this is a permanent government program and not a party program. Kempegowdas built tens of forts. He built the temple and the lake. Administration, towns have been built. All this history will be revealed in the theme park. He said that we are going to develop the beauty of nature and history around Bangalore and develop it as a tourism destination.