Kempe Gowda Statue: A team of ministers collected holy soil in Hampi, Kudala Sangam, Kittur!

Hampi / Kudala Sangam / Kittur: As part of the unveiling of the 108-feet tall bronze statue of Kempegowda, the collection of holy dead was carried out by a team of four ministers on Friday at historic places in the country such as Hampi, Kudala Sangam and Kittur.

Kempegowda Heritage Sites Development Authority Vice Chairman Dr. C. N. Ashwattha Narayana, Revenue Minister R. who is also a member of the authority. Ashoka, Home Minister Araga Gyanendra and Youth, Youth and Sports Minister Narayana Gowda took off from Bangalore in a helicopter on Friday morning, visited Hampi, Kudala Sangam and Kittur and collected holy relics and landed back in the capital in the evening.

District level specific officers were present at all the three sides and conducted this function.

The parade of art troupes and the hustle and bustle of bike conventions added to the program everywhere.

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First, the minister left at 8 am and reached Hampi and performed special pooja to Virupakseshwar and Bhubaneswari devi and then collected soil. Nadaprabhu Kempegowda offered prayers in the name of Sri Krishna Devaraya. Kempe Gowda also recalled being influenced by the Vijayanagara empire and Krishnadevaraya.

Earlier, BJP leaders welcomed the minister at Hampi Kannada University. From there he did a bike jatha till Hampi. There, the minister along with various art troupes marched up to the Virupaksha temple. MP Y Devendrappa was accompanied by MLA Somalingappa.

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After reaching Kudala Sangam, the four ministers first worshiped at the Sangameshwara temple and worshiped the Shivalinga under the guidance of Swamiji. Then all of them went down to the Ikya Mandapam and worshiped and bowed to Basavanna’s tomb there. After performing the rituals of worship, the devotees presented prasad to the minister.

Minister Aswatthanarayan said, ‘Basavanna is the peak achiever of Kannada country. It is gratifying that the holy death collection was held in addition to the unveiling of the statue of Kempegowda, another pious man of the country, at their united place. He said that this is a campaign to unite the Kannada nation.

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After that, the minister’s team traveled to Kittoor in Belgaum district. A garland was offered to the statue of Aswarudha Chennamma in the Kittoor Rani Chennamma circle there. Then they moved to the fort here and collected the holy soil near the east gate. MLA Mahantesh Dodna Gowda was also present.

Speaking on the occasion, Ashwattha Narayana said that Hampi, Kudalasangama and Kittur are names that do not appear on the map of the country. The holy soil collected from these places. He said that the towers of Kempegowda’s statue to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 11th and will be used in the theme park.

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