Karnataka Rains: Monsoon bumper for coastal districts; More than normal rainfall in 31 districts

SG Kurya Udupi
This time Udupi, D.K., U.K. The district received the highest rainfall and 31 districts also received more than normal rainfall. In this monsoon season, there is no sound except for the neighbors.

This time, there has been 8% more rain than usual in the coast, 25% in the highlands, 43% in the northern hinterland, and 104% in the southern hinterland. There is no shortage of hydroelectricity in summer due to water filling in the reservoirs.

10 to 50 per cent more than usual rainfall has occurred in 29 districts. Despite the highest rainfall in the state, Uttara Kannada (5 per cent) and Udupi (7 per cent) districts have the lowest percentage of rainfall in excess of normal as compared to other districts.

Koppal, which receives very low rainfall and is labeled drought, received 526 mm (usual 408 mm), Raichur: 616 mm (usual: 449 mm) and Mandya received 1,110 mm (usual 426 mm). m.) has rained and 160 percent additional rain has been recorded.

Bellary: 571 mm (Normal: 386 mm) rain fell, 48% extra. Chitradurga: 642 mm (normal 336 mm) of rain, 91% excess rain was recorded. After Udupi, the highest rainfall in the state fell in Dakshina Kannada district (4,002 mm) which is 13 percent more than the normal rainfall (3,528 mm).

Tumkur, Ramnagar, Bangalore City, Bangalore Rural, Mandya district have seen an average rainfall of more than 1,000 mm compared to the decade record. 4,395 mm from January to September 20 in Udupi district. It has rained. Normal: 4104 mm. Compared to the rain, this time the total is 7 percent more.

Udupi top for 4 years
Udupi district, which has received the highest rainfall in the state for four years, has received good rainfall this time as well, 5,000 mm this time like 2019. Crossing the border is expected. From January to June 2022, 443 mm (usual 200 mm) of rain fell which is 116 percent surplus.

In the month of June, 31% lack of regular rainfall, 30% surplus in July, 13% deficit in August and 36% surplus in September have been recorded. Annual normal rainfall in Udupi district is 4,537 mm, from June to September 3,961 mm (normal: 3,903 mm) rain fell, an increase of 1 percent.

Districts with highest rainfall

  • Udupi: 4,395 mm.
  • Dakshina Kannada: 4,002 mm.
  • Uttara Kannada: 2,803 mm.
  • Kodagu: 2,785 mm.
  • Shimoga: 2,255 mm.
  • Hassan: 1,435 mm.
  • Chikmagalur: 2,031 mm.

It has rained more than usual across the state this time, while the situation of loss has worsened in Udupi, it has rained normally. Even for the fifth year, Udupi has received the highest rainfall in the state despite the imbalance. Shirur received 548 mm in 24 hours on August 2. Rain has been recorded.
Ravi Ojanahalli, Disaster Control Officer, Udupi District