Karnataka Rains | Heavy rain likely across the state on Tuesday: Yellow alert for 19 districts

Bengaluru: There is a possibility of widespread rain in the state on Tuesday (August 2), and the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for 19 districts.

A yellow alert has been issued for the coastal districts of Uttara Kannada, Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and northern interior Bagalkote, Dharwad, Gadag, Koppal, Raichur and Vijayapur, southern interior Bellary, Bangalore Rural and Bangalore City, Chikkaballapur, Chikkamagaluru, Chitradurga, Kodagu, Kolar, Mandya and Tumkur districts. .

The wind speed along the coast is 40-50 km per hour. Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the sea as there is a possibility of flooding. On Monday, YN Hosakote in Tumkur district, Sampaje in Kodagu district received 11 cm each, Bhagamandal in Kodagu district 9, Napoklu 8, Bellatti in Gadag district and Mulbagal in Kolar district 7 cm each. It has rained.

Heavy rain is likely in Dakshina Kannada

Mangalore: A yellow alert has been issued in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district on August 2 and an orange alert has been announced for the next four days, as heavy rain is likely to fall, according to a Meteorological Department report.

DC Advice: In view of the heavy rains, the District Collector Dr. Rajendra K.V. Instructed.

Heavy rain in Mandya, canal-like roads

Heavy rain fell in many parts of the district including Mandya Nagar on Monday evening and night.

The rain started at 6.30 pm and continued till 8.15 pm. Due to heavy rain, water seeped in all the low-lying areas. The roads of VV Road, Hosahalli Circle in the city were like canals. Especially on V.V. Road, Kalamandir Road, water was flowing.

Bikes parked on the side of the road were half submerged in water. After 8 hours, as the rain subsided to some extent, they were driving on the road where the water was flowing. There was a similar situation at Mahaveera circle on Bangalore-Mysore highway.

Be prepared to face rain disaster

Tumkur: As the intensity of rain continues in the district, the district administration should be prepared to deal with rain-related incidents and the waste in drains and canals should be cleared immediately, Home and District In-charge Minister Araga Gyanendra instructed the officials.

The minister met the victims and condoled with the victims after seeing the rain-damaged Amanikere Kodi, the house of a person who died due to an electrical accident, Rajkaluwe, and later held a meeting with the officials at the District Collector’s office.

Cases of loss of life/cattle death/house damage due to rain have been reported in the district and officials should be fully prepared to deal with the calamity. A command center should be opened at the district headquarters and all necessary assistance should be provided to the victims through telephone calls. Helpline center should work 24*7 hours a day. He instructed the DHO that the ambulance service should be always ready.

Roads flooded due to heavy rain

Yadagiri: It rained for over an hour as a result of which the main roads became potholes and the motorists were stranded.

Heavy rain came from around 3.30 to 4.30 on Monday afternoon. An hour later, the roads were flooded after the arrival of Varunadeva. Even the motorists were really struggling to move.

Major roads like Chittapur Road, Station Road, Haidhidadhibad Road, Tehsildar Road, Chittapur Road and other major roads were flooded. Due to the heavy rains, people’s lives were completely disrupted. A tense atmosphere was created.

As a result of the drainage system not being done properly to allow the rain water to flow adequately, the water is standing in the middle of the road. Vehicles and cars could not move. There was a struggle to go through their respective vehicles.

The negligence of the municipal officials is evident. The silt that filled the drains had to be removed before the rainy season started. By doing this, the rain water would flow easily. But they are behaving as if they have nothing to do with it, and the effect of this is that the common people are enjoying it.

Landslide washed away bridges in Kalmkar, Sulya

Sulya: A massive landslide occurred in the Kalmakaru area of ​​the taluk, causing extensive damage to bridges and agricultural areas.

Heavy rains on Sunday late night caused a landslide in the Kalmakaru Estate area, and trees fell down with water mixed with soil. Kalmakaru Estate has been disconnected. Heavy rain started around 2 am. Initially, the water burst in Kalmakaru estate area and water started flowing. Meanwhile, the people nearby heard a noise. But did not go out due to rain.

Around 3 o’clock, heavy water flowed in the eastern part of Kalmakaru region. There is polluted water and washed away wood and stones all over the farm. Water had reached near some houses in Idydaka. Many know in the morning that the water has come from heavy rain.

Damage to bridges: The Kalmakaru bridge has been severely damaged due to heavy landslides and the trees and stones washed away in the water. The bamboo footbridge at the top of the bridge was damaged. Areas of agricultural land on the river side, groundnut trees have been washed away. Kalmakaru estate area is a forest area with no human traffic and it is not known till now which side of the landslide area is located and which side is the disaster.

Landslides in 2018: In 2018, landslides occurred in Madikeri and Jodupala areas, resulting in huge loss of life and property. On the same occasion, 12 families were displaced due to a landslide in Kalmakaru area. But till now, due to efforts of forest department and revenue department to give land to these families on behalf of the government, the work of identifying the land has fallen, and those families are still worried.