Karnataka Rain Update | Monsoon weak in the state from September 14: Orange alert for coastal districts on Tuesday

Bengaluru: Apart from the coastal and hilly districts of the state, the amount of rain will decrease considerably, according to the Meteorological Department.

On September 13, an orange alert was given to the coastal districts of Uttara Kannada and Udupi district, while a yellow alert was given in Dakshina Kannada. Other districts like Shimoga, Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu, Hassan, Belagavi, Bidar and Kalaburagi districts have also been given yellow alert.
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A yellow alert has been given to the coastal districts on September 14, while there is no warning for the rest of the districts.

Emphasis on rain, neighborhood damage discussion: Decision for extended discussion in the assembly

Due to heavy rains and floods in the state, it has been decided to hold a detailed discussion in the assembly regarding the plight of the people in the action advisory committee meeting.

In the meeting chaired by Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, CM Basavaraja Bommai, Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah, Venkatarao Nad Gowda of JDS, Minister J.C. Madhuswamy, former CM BS Yeddyurappa and others were present.
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The opposition parties proposed that there should be a serious discussion about the rain damage caused in most parts of the state, including Bangalore, and more time should be provided for this. Sources said that the government also agreed to this and it was decided to allow 2-3 days for discussion.

J.C. Madhuswami told the meeting that he had planned to present 15 bills including some ordinances, and arrangements were being made to present two to three bills daily. If the opposition parties who objected to this present 15 bills during the 10-day session, how can time be set for discussion? It is not right to introduce important bills and approve them without allowing discussion. It is said that they insisted that it would be better if the number of bills to be presented was reduced.
Rain Loss | Massive damage due to rain, floods: Central survey team arrived in the state
Heavy rain across Belgaum district

Belgaum: Heavy rains are lashing across the district including Belgaum city and more than hundred houses have been damaged. Krishna and its tributaries, Ghataprabha, Malaprabha, Hiranyakesi, Markandeya rivers are overflowing.

There is a threat of flood on the banks of Ghataprabha and Malaprabha rivers due to heavy release of water from the reservoirs. So many people are leaving their homes and moving to safer places. Due to continuous rain, the Markandeya and Bellary canals in Belgaum taluk are overflowing and adjacent agricultural lands have been damaged by water.
HD Kumaraswamy | JDS ‘Pancharatna Rathayatra’ started after the rain stopped: HD Kumaraswamy
Tehsildar has informed that a total of 156 houses have been damaged by rain in Belgaum taluk from September 1 to 11.

Madikeri: Cold spoils the crop

The continued rainy weather in Madikeri district has caused farmers to worry. Due to the cold weather, the harvest of horticulture crops is getting damaged, the economic situation is likely to fluctuate, and the annual maintenance work has also come to a standstill.

According to the weather forecast, light rain is expected and due to the local weather conditions of the district, moderate rain is likely to occur in the next 48 hours. The department said that this was due to the unexpected change in weather conditions. So there is a possibility that rain will continue in Kodagu for another 2 days.
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On Friday (September 9), the experts of Gonikoppalu Agricultural Science Center advised based on the weather reports that the amount of rain will decrease slowly from tomorrow and the farmers can carry out necessary agricultural activities. But the rain continues again. This is directly affecting the farmers. 3091.58 mm from January to date. It has rained. During the same period last year, the rainfall was 2308.04 mm.

Horticulture crop damage: 25.6 lakh rupees has been lost in agriculture in the district due to heavy rains this time. Horticulture crops worth Rs 39.8 lakh were damaged. 15.16 lakhs for fishing. The district administration has estimated the damage to be Rs.
Rain, flood damage has been brought to the notice of the Centre’s team: Basavaraja Bommai
However, the amount of loss is more than the estimate of the district administration, the farmers say. In most places the entire plantation has been destroyed. It may take another 5-6 years to recover. They ask who will fill this loss.

Farmers say that coffee, black pepper and nut crops will not be available this time. The amount of cold in the land is increasing and blight is also affecting the horticultural crops. This is the time to do garden maintenance work including fertilizing, but the growers say that nothing is being done due to rain.